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What is Zero Trust?

Forrester Research created the concept of a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA). This began centered around protecting networks and underlying architecture. Microsoft and others have expanded the concept to include the following components to protect: Applications, Data, Endpoints, Identities, Infrastructure, Network, Policy Optimization, Policy Enforcement, and Threat Protection.

Is NIST adopting Zero Trust?

NIST is working with Microsoft, The Open Group, CISA, and others to unify a ZTA security model. Click the link below to download the NIST white paper on ZTA.

What are the THREE MAIN CONCEPTS of Zero Trust?

  • Verify Explicitly
  • Least Privileged Access
  • Assume Breach
Read the Microsoft ZTA adoption report to gain more insight into the main concepts associated with a ZTA and digital empathy.

What is the GOAL of ZERO TrUST?

The goal of ZTA deployments are to secure all threat vectors related to the new hybrid workspace that has emerged as a result of the shift in work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to implement ZERO Trust?

JADEX believes that applying a ZTA to your entire digital landscape is only possible through the use of Microsoft technologies and services.  Implementing a ZTA will require a comprehensive plan with foresight and vision. First, you must prioritize milestones and assets.


It doesn't matter where you are on your journey. Every step forward will reduce risk!

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