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Understanding the benefits of JADEX’s Cloud First Approach is essential for those with a desire to streamline processes, develop automations, adhere to compliance, improve communications, and secure their data.  With these resources, you will learn why your data is important and how JADEX’s Cloud First Approach is excellent for new businesses or those wishing to digitally transform their organizations.



These resources are for any organization or individual wanting to digitally transform how they approach compliance, content, technology, security, staffing, training, and knowledge retention.  JADEX’s Cloud First Approach is a natural fit for new businesses and can be adapted for forward-leaning organizations. 

What is the "Cloud" anyway?

When people think of the “cloud,” many struggle to relate in common terms. Some may think that the “cloud” is a fictional vapor suspending all your important data. Many are conflicted in comprehending that something nonphysical can and will need to be protected. This holds true for all data and especially data in the “cloud.”

An explanation of the “cloud” can be described as visualizing servers, equipment, machines, computers, and wires in a room. The “cloud” virtualizes this hardware to reduce expenses with cost-effective subscription models. This provides organizations on-demand scalability with high availability while offering enterprise-level development tools, world-class cybersecurity, and advanced compliance capabilities.

Let's be honest, who really manages the world's data?

At JADEX, we pride ourselves in practicing transparency. That said, if you do not live “off-the-grid,” then you are creating data in this world. Whether it is in our personal lives with swiping our debit and credit cards for almost every purchase or at work when we generate our spreadsheets and other forms of content. Understanding that we create content, we next must comprehend that some of this data is “personal” or “sensitive” and “not everyone in the world needs to know about it.” Now we come the big question: Who would you like to manage your data? This can be restated in many ways, but the point is there. For example: Would you prefer Apple, Samsung, Google, or Microsoft to manage your or your organization’s content?

JADEX considered several factors, and after long-term analyses, our experts have determined that Microsoft 365 meets and exceeds our expectations for compliance, security, accessibility, and ease of use. Microsoft 365 addresses all critical business areas with a dominant and innovative library of business applications that compete with other industry leaders. This means that our clients can leverage a single, best-in-class, web-based service that limits threat vectors by decreasing the number of third-party vendors required to conduct business.

Ways Organizations Approach Technology

Often, technology comes in three flavors, on-premiseshybrid or cloud. Hybrid is the most common approach found in the market.
  • On-Premises – Infrastructures where all technology hardware is managed and maintained on-premises.
  • Hybrid – Infrastructures that often began with strictly on-premises hardware and gradually began to incorporate aspects of leveraging the benefits of the cloud.  A hybrid infrastructure is a mixture of on-premises managed hardware and virtualized services.
  • Cloud – Infrastructures where systems and services reside within other organization’s virtualized environments.

The hybrid scenario, while most prevalent, presents challenges related to both security and compliance.  To expand on this subject, JADEX recommends that you reference the FREE RESOURCE – Technology Landscape.

Cloud Approach to staffing, knowledge, and training

The 1990’s “dotcom” era brought about dramatic changes to the how organizations approached staffing, knowledge retention, and training budgets. 

Technology innovations in the cloud created opportunities to automate, streamline, monitor, and support business operations remotely.  This resulted in most organizations downsizing their local Information Technology (IT) teams in support of offshore resources.

The idea was to improve costs by outsourcing everything overseas where labor costs presented significant savings.  These efforts were largely deemed successful, and this model remains a common occurrence even now.  JADEX would argue that while there were monetary benefits, the long-term costs to security were not worth the short-term gain.  For more information reference the JADEX Free Resource – Protecting Data, Devices and Applications.

How to benefit from JADEX's Cloud First Approach

JADEX’s Cloud First Approach begins and ends with Microsoft 365. The JADEX Cloud First Approach is ideal for new, small, and medium sized businesses in all industries. Housing your personal or organizational data within Microsoft allows you access to industry leading capabilities and protection in a one-stop shop. It is important to not be discouraged if your organization is currently utilizing a hybrid solution and you are enticed by the JADEX Cloud First Approach. We offer a strategic path of implementations, services, and trainings revolving around Microsoft that can assist any organization wishing to leverage a cloud first approach.

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