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Large & Enterprise Business

As businesses mature, new challenges and obstacles arise. The key to addressing these difficulties is to provide employees with innovative technology tools that enable them to achieve more, establish value, and collaborate without barriers.

How We Can Help

Ensure Policy Aligns With Reality

Documented policies and procedures allow all employees to feel comfortable and competent at work, so we all return home safely at the end of the shift.

On the Job Training (OJT)

Get the most out of your enterprise’s most valuable investment, it’s people. Learn and train for success in technology and business with Jadex and Microsoft.

Consolidating Colloboration Tools

Microsoft 365 is not just the single solution that your enterprise may be looking to leverage. Microsoft 365 offers best-in-suite business answers.

Modernizing Systems & Processes

Enterprise systems and processes are only good if they remain up to date with built-in security. End users must have easy-to-use apps and tools.

Capabilities & Services

Microsoft lays at the foundation of Jadex's approach to securing and protecting large & enterprise businesses.

Unlike most of our competitors we ONLY focus on Microsoft products & services.

Azure Virtualization Services

Reduce your reliance on on-premises hardware solution with pay-as-you-go subscriptions that allow you to virtualize systems and only pay for what you use.

Azure Sentinel (SIEM)

Is a cloud-native security information & event manager (SIEM) platform that uses built-in AI to help rapidly analyze large volumes of data across a digital estate.

Business & Departmental Workflows

With Microsoft 365, enterprises are able to create business and departmental workflows that can increase productivity and save employees time.

Cybersecurity Enhancements

Every area of a Microsoft 365 tenant contains administrative centers. We implement technical configurations within these centers that enhance security.

Data Visualization

Microsoft Power BI enables employees to connect to and transform information into easy-to-share, interactive, and rich visuals that provide valuable real-time insights.

Dynamics 365 CRM/ERP

Microsoft combines customer relationship management & enterprise resource planning with artificial intelligence tools & productivity apps to get Dynamics.

Endpoint Device Management

Microsoft Intune/Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) provides an enterprise management solution with device compliance & security admin control.

Information Protection

As data continues to amass at drastic speeds, the protection of that data becomes a liability & necessity for enterprise businesses. Sensitivity labels can help.

Power Platform & Dataverse

Together, Microsoft’s Dataverse and Power Platform offer a low code platform for app development, process automation, business analytics, and more.

Large & Enterprise Business Resources

Our goal is to provide knowledge, expertise, and guidance to enable large & enterprise businesses to be successful with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Technical Training

Join us for a deep-dive into Microsoft's systems, applications, business tools, and service offerings.

Departmental Tips, Tools, & Guides

Follow Jadex as we share tips, tools and guides to assist business departments in maximizing the benefits of Microsoft 365.

Cloud First Approach

Gain insights into how your enterprise can apply cloud first techniques & methodologies.

“We transform how people work.”

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