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Cloud PCs

with Windows 365

Optimized, scalable personal PCs in the cloud. They are accessible anywhere and from any device.


Have your apps, data, content, and settings from the Microsoft cloud to any device.


Powerful, secure, easily set up, and manageable cloud PCs with a user license.


Pick up where you left off accessing your cloud PC from any device for work.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Benefits

Cost Predictability

Windows 365 Cloud PCs are per user, per month. This keeps things simple and allows for adjustments in computing and storage needs or requirements.

Lower Cost

Fixed-Price Model

Cross-Charge Services

Time to Employee Enablement

Quickly deployable Cloud PCs by your business or IT team allowing new hires to be up and working faster.


Work on your terms with any device and from anywhere deciding how, when, and where to get the job done.

Worker Empowerment

Lower the cost and time to empower a new hire, temporary worker, or seasonal assistance.


Enable new cloud-based work scenarios in a variety of ways with Windows 365.

User Agility

Due to all the benefits of cloud PCs, users are able to juggle robust capabilities on demand, at their leisure.

Business Agility

Combines the power and security from the cloud with the versatility and simplicity of the PC.

Windows and cloud security is built in. Microsoft networks can make this a SaaS solution.

Isolate Non-Corporate Environments

Immediate Offboarding

Continuity and Governance

Reduce the degree of a disruption in the event of a disaster or major business outage with Cloud PCs.

Optimized PCs

Microsoft knows how to maintain and configure near perfectly performing virtual machines and networks saving money and lowering accountability.

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