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Small & Medium Business Support & Cybersecurity

JADEX understands that as small and medium businesses grow and evolve, the need to manage technology, data, and cybersecurity becomes increasingly necessary. Technology, especially Microsoft 365, can unlock endless beneficial business solution opportunities. Jadex’s Watchtower cybersecurity solution starts our small and medium business customers on a 7-step standard security configuration spanning three pillars of Zero Trust. The Data, Devices, and Identity pillars create an organizational IT foundation that enables more secure and streamlined implementations of cybersecurity practices and technology solutions for any business. At Jadex, we recognize that not all businesses are the same, so we offer two strategic support tiers as well as supplemental solutions to satisfy your managed IT needs.

How Watchtower Cybersecurity & Support is Unique

We Only Use Microsoft

Most managed service & cybersecurity providers use numerous third-party vendors for their security & support.

Entry Point to Zero Trust

With Microsoft security solutions, we enable you to adopt a zero trust architecture that's being leveraged by NIST & CISA.

Service Requirements

High Alert

Our baseline security and support offering for small & medium businesses
$ 199
  • Microsoft 365 Service Setup & Configuration
  • Business Domain & Email Configuration
  • Delegated Administration of Services
  • Microsoft cloud licensing support
  • Baseline Security Configuration
  • Device Compliance Reviews
  • Tenant Audit Log Reviews
  • Service Health Reviews
  • New User Setup & Watchtower Intro Training

Battle Stations

Our premier security and support offering for small & medium businesses
$ 499
  • Everything included in the High Alert subscription
  • Microsoft 365 Managed Support Services
  • Access to the Jadex Client Self Service Portal
  • An allotment of 4 support cases per month
  • Access to self-help training materials
Best Value

Supplemental Services Marketplace

A marketplace designed to provide small and medium sized business clients a wide range of supplemental services to compliment their Watchtower experience. All supplemental services are optional and incur additional costs.

Support & Training

Increased Case Support

In the event your organization requires increased support, Jadex provides additional support cases in allotments of eight.

Client-Tailored Training

Following Watchtower onboarding, Jadex will create custom training tailored to each client based on established industry best practices.

Direct Support Liaison

Dedicated technical support engineer assigned to your organization. Direct phone support access to Jadex engineers.


Journey to Compliance

One-on-one consulting to assist your business in meeting compliance regulations.

Technology Modernization

Consult with business leaders to assess your current technology posture and provide improvement recommendations.

Content Management

Industry proven content management strategies and improvement recommendations for your business.

Content Governance

Industry proven content governance strategies and improvement recommendations for your business.

Security Accountability

Consult with Jadex cybersecurity experts to reinforce positive security techniques and increase security accountability within an organization.

Teams Communications

Consult with experts to improve organizational communications through use of instant messaging with Microsoft Teams and adoption of SharePoint/OneDrive for Business.

Business Applications

Clients can choose any of Microsoft 365's business applications and request guided usage and capabilities familiarity.

Project Management

Jadex introduces clients to Microsoft Project and Microsoft Planner as effective tools for project managment.

Power Apps & Automate

Assist clients in identifying opportunities to create automation & low-code mobile applications for increased efficiency & cost savings.


Systems Hardening

Step-by-step review and systems’ hardening of the Microsoft 365 admin centers and Azure environment. This service has two options: Self-help or Guided.

Content Classification

Implement data classification standards with Microsoft's sensitivity & retention capabilities. Additionally, we provide guidance on the usage of Microsoft labeling.

Compliance Improvements

This service requires the purchase of the Journey to Compliance. The findings enable Jadex engineers to enact regulatory improvement actions to meet rigorous standards.

Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management system operating as a CRM & ERP essential for SMBs interested in streamlining business process & accelerating growth.

Power Platform

Configure and setup any portion of the Microsoft Power Platform for company wide usage of Power Apps, Power Automate, or Power BI.

Customer Support System

Work with key stakeholders to create service queues to allow teams to review and manage cases for support scenarios.


Teams Essentials

Standard setup & configuration of Microsoft Teams to include one public (all company) team and one private team for executive leaders.

Dynamic Teams

Based on key stakeholder feedback, Jadex creates a dynamic team environment that integrates Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Each team is built-out to include tabs and useful links.

Teams Telephony

All inclusive Teams service that enables a business to replace all traditional business phone capabilities while adding all the dynamic features of Microsoft Teams.

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