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Need help with your technology, want to reduce costs, or protect your data?

Areas of Expertise

Microsoft 365 Solutions

Digital Transformation

As the demand for flexible remote working solutions increase, there is an opportunity to streamline business operations, technologies, communication, and automate processes.

Learn how Jadex Strategic Group’s Microsoft 365 Solutions can transform your business.

Compliance Solutions

Our clients face a wide range of compliance requirements from various regulatory bodies.  Jadex engineers assist our clients in configuring Microsoft 365 systems to meet required compliance improvement actions.

Security Solutions

Every day, security threats and vulnerabilities are being exploited by nefarious actors.  Microsoft has a robust suite of Security services and tools that meet and exceed security best practices.

Learn how you can secure your Microsoft environment and minimize the need for costly third-party security solutions.


Microsoft 365 Systems Hardening


  • Discovery
  • Process Improvement
  • Gap Analysis
  • Operational Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management Assessment
  • Third-Party Risk Assessment


  • 1:1 Training
  • Train-the-Trainer Approach
  • Group Training
  • E-Learning
  • Security Training/Table Top Exercises
  • Operational Preparedness
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