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Jadex’s leadership served in roles supporting the United States (US) Government as federal civilian and Department of Defense (DOD) contractor. Our knowledge and understanding of how both sectors operate provides Jadex unique lessons and insights while working with government entities.

How We Can Help

Modernize Legacy Systems

Assist in evaluating Microsoft solutions to meet the needs of modernizing critical legacy systems. We provide trends, best practices, and industry knowledge.

Translate the Private Sector

We speak your language! We are prior military and served as federal civilians for the United States government. We can help translate the private sector offerings.

Streamline Operations

New innovations in Azure Government enable Jadex to aid governments in streamlining operations with automation, enhanced security, and virtualization.

Cloud Adoption

Is a driving force of innovation, productivity, and automation for modern organizations. Ensure your agency is maximizing its investments in Microsoft 365.

Capabilities & Services

Microsoft lays at the foundation of Jadex's approach to securing and protecting Government agencies.

Unlike most of our competitors we ONLY focus on Microsoft products & services.

Microsoft Cloud Licensing

Does your agency use Microsoft subscription licenses? If so, we may be of assistance. Contact our team today to receive a cloud licensing quote.

Technical Training

We leverage the knowledge gained as Master Training Specialist in the Navy to help shape training solutions for government agencies & personnel.

Program & Project Management

We ensure the effective management of programs and projects to aid the government in meeting deadlines, milestones, and deliverables.

Position Staffing

We find & train personnel to meet government staffing requirements. Our expertise focuses on technology, program/project management, and the Intelligence Community.

Systems Implementations

As governments seek to modernize legacy systems, Jadex engineers can lead systems implementations related to security, compliance, content management & more.

Professional Consulting

For all those one off requirements and specific business scenarios that don't necessarily fit into a standard box, we offer tailored professional consulting services.

Contracting Officer Resources

Our goal is to provide knowledge, expertise, and guidance to be successful with Microsoft 365.

We are a collective of national security, cyber, and intelligence experts.

We are a unique breed of technology and security experts who have given our lives to protect others at home and abroad.  Our operational security mindset, exposure to Top Secret agencies, emerging technology, and global operations give us an edge when developing solutions to solve your technology or security business needs.  We harness our intelligence skills to enhance your work environments and help key stakeholders provide business insight.

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