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Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel enable best-in-suite, enterprise-grade cybersecurity operations for any business.

What is the solution?

Screenshot of Microsoft 365 Defender Admin interface with callouts for ‘Incidents,’ ‘Alerts,’ ‘Automated investigations,’ ‘Alert Story,’ and ‘Timeline of Activities.

Microsoft 365 Defender

Is a comprehensive, unified security suite that provides defense against elaborate cyberattacks. It has built-in coordination, detection, prevention, investigation, and response across accounts, devices, endpoints, identities, email, and applications

Microsoft Sentinel

Is a revolutionary security information and event management (SIEM) / security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR). It enables the collection of security insights across your business while providing the ability to detect, investigate, and automate logical responses that remediate elaborate cyberattacks.

Microsoft Sentinel interface screenshot with labeled sections for ‘Incidents,’ ‘Hunting,’ ‘Data Ingested,’ and analytics, showcasing the security management workflow.

What is the Reasoning?


Collect data across multiple clouds, on-premises environments, all users, all devices, your entire infrastructure, and all business applications at cloud speed with scalability.


Detect cyberattacks and security incidents with sophisticated threat intelligence. Uncover attackers in the system by responding to a security alert of irregular activity or proactively pursuing anomalous events in the enterprise activity logs.


Rapidly respond to security alerts with built-in orchestration and planning of common task automation. When a cyberattack is detected, act rapidly, identify, and investigate whether it is an actual cyberattack or a false alarm.


Investigate cyberthreats with Microsoft artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) while pursuing attackers for irregular behavior.


Achieve disaster recovery goals necessary to preserve and restore technology, availability, security, confidentiality, continuity, compliance, and integrity of business services during and after a cyberattack.

For Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a framework that many regulators and businesses rely on for security. A SIEM/SOAR/XDR is essential for complete security monitoring and thorough analyses of your data & technology.

Capabilities & Features

How to implement?

Incident Response

  • Understand scope and insights from incidents.

  • Understand the attack, investigate malicious entities, review remediation and prevention measures.

  • Understand the scope of the cyberattack and record any evidence for security management.

  • Understand resolutions of cyberattacks with repeatable playbooks and automated orchestration.

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“We transform how people work.”

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Logo: This image an official logo of Jadex Strategic Group.

“We transform how people work.”

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