With Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams business phone system are Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and cloud-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems that are recognized as a global leader in unified communications. Microsoft is highest rated for the ability to execute along with furthest for the completeness of vision according to Gartner.


Simplify the sign-in process while improving security with the ability to sign-in with user credentials to make a call. Users may even take or make calls on another device after authentication.

Speed Dial & Call History

Microsoft Teams phone users have seamless access to voicemail, contacts, and call history. This makes it simple to speed dial directly from Teams.

Meetings & Calls

Users can easily access meetings and view schedules with Teams one-touch join capability.

Call Groups

Call groups consist of phone agents that are dedicated users capable managing calls by accepting them, declining them, or orchestrating them at the call queue.

User Delegation

Delegate an assistant or administrator to manage an executive’s phone. The delegate can make calls on behalf of the executive, take over calls placed on hold, intercept incoming calls to the executive, and monitor the call status.

Hot Desking

Allows employees to be productive at any workspace. Users can use a shared phone for a workspace. Simply sign in to have the access to contacts, meetings, and other work-related preferences. Then, simply sign out, and the phone is ready to go for the next employee.


Users can utilize phones with built-in video support to join phone calls, Teams meetings, and video conferences as if they were on PCs.

Better Together

Windows PC's with 64-bit Teams can smoothly transfer to phone, in the middle of a call, without missing important meeting details.


Accessibility is built into and always in mind within Microsoft. Phone inclusivity and accessibility is no different. Microsoft’s goal is to make it easier for anyone to use technology. Jadex partners with Microsoft to help achieve this goal.

Dynamic E911 Support

By purchasing a Microsoft Business Premium (or higher subscription) license with Communication Credits, businesses are able completely replace corporate phone systems at a fraction of the cost.

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How Teams Can Help Cut Costs

Bring Your Phone Number with You

No Need to Worry

If you already have a business phone number(s), no problem. Within Microsoft Teams Administration Center, it is simple to port over existing phone numbers to the Microsoft Phone service.