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The relationship between employee and businesses changed forever, following the COVID-19 pandemic. The traditional model of everyone working as a W2 employee is antiquated and does meet the expectation of a talented and skilled workforce.

At Jadex we are pioneering a new approach to business and business relationships. Learn how we are changing the paradigm.


How To Work With JADEX

We let you decide how you want to work with us. Review the various opportunities below. 

Traditional Employment (W2)

This is the most common form of employment for most businesses.

Independent Contractors (1099)

Empowering entrepreneurs with opportunities to work with us directly.

B2B Teaming/Partnerships

Teaming/partnering with businesses that share our purpose & mission.

How We Work

Remote or Satellite Offices

We are a remote 1st workforce with plans to open small satellite offices as we expand.

Flexible Schedule & Hours

We're all adults as long as deliverables & expectations are being met, set your own hours.

Always On Microsoft Teams

There's always an open teams channel to connect with colleagues & get much needed social interactions.

“We transform how people work.”

Company Details


Codes & Certs