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Forms, Lists, and Data

with Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Lists, and the Dataverse

Collect, analyze, interact, and gain insights from your data to empower technology by leveraging automations.

Options for Managing Data in the Cloud

Microsoft Forms

Leverages AI creation capabilities to provide users with the ability to easily collect responses to custom surveys, quizzes, polls, and questionnaires. Grants the ability to view real-time results and use built-in analytics to examine responses or results.

Microsoft Lists

Enables users to collect data, work to organize data, share information, set reminders, trigger workflows, make approvals, track information, and conditionally format data.

Microsoft dataverse

Allows for secure storage of data used by Microsoft business applications and beyond. Serves as the foundation that enables users to manage data dynamically in Microsoft's Power Platform as well as connect to internal or external data sources.

Microsoft Forms

Capabilities and Features

Easily Create Forms
Microsoft makes it easy to create forms, quizzes, surveys, and more.
Form Customization
Create your forms and give them your own style and branding.
Review Responses
Analyze responses to gather metrics and actionable data.
Drag & Drop Fields
Quickly and easily move or modify your forms with drag & drop functionality.
Branching uses logic apps to make form changes according to responses to specific questions.
AI Recommendations
Analyze questions with advanced AI and then, gain recommendations that align with your form.
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Microsoft Lists

Capabilities and Features

Track List Content
Utilize Microsoft Lists to track content for a wide variety of business requirements.
Column Formatting
Allows custom colors to be added and more design elements to enhance data conceptualization.
Trigger Workflows
Lists are a great way to trigger workflows that can initiate follow-on processes.
Automate List Functions
All Microsoft Lists have the capability of bringing data into Power Automate for automations.
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Microsoft Dataverse

Capabilities and Features

Contains Predefined Tables
The Dataverse is made up of commonly used tables and data types.
Connects to other Business Applications
The power of the Dataverse is apparent through its ability to surface data throughout the Microsoft ecosystem of applications.
Integrate Custom Data Sources
Harness the ability to create custom apps that will populate in the Dataverse.
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