The Jadex Strategic Group’s Odyssey service is built upon Microsoft Dynamics 365’s client relationship management (CRM) cloud software. The service includes an Insights and Marketing liaison to determine your needs for bulk emailing, automation, surveys, and event management activities.

The liaison will assist you with establishing correct licensing and serve as the primary point of contact for administration, support, marketing capabilities and training.


Client Relationship Management, Marketing, Training, and Support

All ODYSSEY service packages start with 3 monthly support cases and 1 monthly training session.

Journeys with Unified Data

Deliver connected customer journeys and campaigns with unified customer data.

Custom AI Marketing Content

Create custom marketing content using artificial intelligence and customer insights.

Marketing Email Blasts

Send targeted email blasts to potential customers.

Improve Event Engagement

Boost event engagement with real-time journeys that span the entire lifecycle.

Marketing Technology Training

Receive technical marketing technology usage training sessions monthly.

Dedicated Reach Back Support

Utilize dedicated technology reach back support and administration.


All offerings include up to 4 environments, 100,000 Unified People and 10,000 Interacted People.

1 Owner and/or up to 15 Volunteers
Service Costs:
$99.99 per month
Licensing Costs:
$1,700+ per tenant/per month
(501.3c Nonprofits are likely to receive free granted/discounted licenses from Microsoft)
2 – 349 employees
Service Costs:
$299.99 per month
Licensing Costs:
$1,700+ per tenant/per month
350 – 2499 employees
Service Costs:
$599.99 per month
Licensing Costs:
$1,700+ per tenant/per month

Supplemental Services Marketplace

A marketplace designed to provide small and medium sized business clients a wide range of supplemental services to compliment their Watchtower experience. All supplemental services are optional and incur additional costs.

Support & Training

Increased Case Support

In the event your organization requires increased support, Jadex provides additional support cases in allotments of eight.

Expanded Marketing Tech Training

The complementary monthly training session is limited to one user per session. This add-on is for those who would like to train additional members of the organization.

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