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Identity and Access Management

Identity is considered the new primary security perimeter that must be guarded. Organizations with cloud architecture or with employees who work remotely on their own devices must manage access to business data based on identity authentication and authorization. Identity and access management solutions protect data, identities, devices, accounts, and resources by deciding which requests to allow. Cloud-based threat intelligence as well as identity and access management best practices help provided enhanced analysis along with consistency of identities.

Identity and access solutions that work for your users, apps, and devices

Secure adaptive access

Safeguard access to company resources, authentic to work-on business data, identify compromise, and improve security with risk-based access policies that adapt to contextual factors without compromising the end user experience.

Seamless user experience

Reduce password fatigue, improve productivity, and configure a seamless sign-on experience that is reliable, repeatable, quick, and simple.

Unified identity management

Manage the new security perimeter properly by gaining control and visibility into all corporate identities. Digitally transform and use a Zero Trust security strategy.

Simplified identity governance

With the right processes, policies, management, and visibility, secure enterprises control access to apps and data efficiently for all users and admins. Automated identity governance allows for a balance in organizational security and employee productivity by making sure the right people have access to the right thing.

Secure access with Microsoft Entra

Organizations need identity and access management for a connected world to confidently enforce real-time access decisions for all identities across all clouds and beyond.

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