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The Watch is Jadex Strategic Group’s Managed Security Service offer focusing exclusively on security with the goal of stopping breaches and decreasing risks. We leverage Microsoft Security experts and solutions that are best-in-suite to help organizations meet compliance standards, ensure systems are up to date, monitor threats, and respond to intrusions.


Microsoft Experts

Professionals who have the skills and experience to help protect against cyberattacks using advanced technology and human expertise to monitor, analyze, and respond to threats. They provide customized solutions that meet specific security needs and challenges.



Application Protection

Helps keep your work data safe and secure on your devices without worrying about someone else accessing and copying your data.

Cloud App Security

Helps monitor and protect your data in the cloud and in the apps that you use for work.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Helps protect your organization from cyberattacks and respond to them quickly and effectively.

Digital ID Monitoring

Helps safeguard your identity online and avoid the financial and legal consequences of identity theft.

Endpoint Security

Is a way of protecting your devices and data from cyberattacks by reducing the attack surface for your business.

Incident Management

Helps prevent, detect, and recover from security incidents with notifications of potentially malicious activities.

Security Operations Anaysis

Is a way of monitoring and responding to cyberthreats that affect your devices, data, and online services.

Security Posture Monitoring

Helps to monitor, assess, and fix the security issues in your cloud environment while assessing benchmarks and best practices.

Signals Monitoring

Helps detect and respond to potential threats, such as cyberattacks, data breaches, or unauthorized access.

Simulation Training

Realistic cyberattack scenarios that help identify and train your vulnerable users before a real attack impacts your business.

Threat Detection

Helps protect email and online collaboration from cyberattacks allowing you to communicate confidently.

Vulnerability Remediation

Scans and analyzes devices and applications for any weaknesses or misconfigurations exploitable by hackers, and how to fix them.


We let you decide how often you would like to review security incidents. Choose the option that works best with your regulatory requirements.


When you need immediate incident review to stay up to date on the most recent incidents.


A weekly summary and recap of security incidents that occurred over a given week.


A monthly summary and recap of security incidents that occurred over a given month.


For organizations with stringent regulatory and compliance requirements, this is your traditional industry standard security service. With The Watch, we implement improvement actions and put controls in place to enable Jadex Strategic Group to assume responsibility for the client’s environment. Management and defense will be accomplished utilizing the Microsoft tool stack in conjunction with Microsoft Experts.

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