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Improving Training

Recommended Solutions for Training

Improving training is a key focus of our organization. Our CEO was a U.S. Naval Instructor and Master Training Specialist in U.S. Naval Intelligence. The lessons learned as an instructor helped shape how JADEX delivers technology solutions. We use the same objective-based training methodologies employed by the U.S. Navy to reinforce key aspects of security, compliance, and Microsoft systems implementation.

Recommendations for Improving Organizational Training

Foster a Culture of Learning

As an essential function of the organization, leadership must cultivate and encourage knowledge growth by promoting educational opportunities.

Prioritize Training Monetarily

Agility & the ability to grasp new concepts & learn new technologies is essential in modern business. To achieve this goal, training budgets must be prioritized by leadership.

Empower Subject Matter Experts

An organization's personnel are its greatest assets. Leadership must empower experts to leverage modern technology to share expertise and drive innovation.

Create a Train-the-Trainer Program

Identify experts within your organization with a willingness and aptitude for teaching and empower them to contribute in a train-the-trainer program.

Cross Train Coworkers

Maximize your current workforce, improve customer satisfaction, and enable your employees to thrive in multiple roles by training cross-functionally.

Document Everything

Implement organizational policies that specify how to classify, label, and store all internal documents including SOPs, playbooks, and checklists.

Schedule Weekly Team Trainings

Scheduling consistent and informative trainings will ensure your teams work synergistically on company objectives and technical implementations.

Create Educational Content

Employ a Learning Management System (LMS) to store internal training materials like presentations, worksheets, & videos for continued learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I improve training?

The most crucial improvement an organization can accomplish is to make training a priority. You may ingrain training into your culture by prioritizing it monetarily, holding weekly trainings across all teams or departments, and documenting everything.

What is cross training?

Cross training is a method of improving training where employees are trained in cross-functional skills or knowledge related to the individual’s expertise. This enables multiple associates to share and gain information, better understand processes, and view the organization in a more holistic way.

How do I encourage training participation?

There are multiple ways to encourage training participation including providing incentives like meals during a lunch-and-learn, raffling items at training events, supplying gift cards for contributors, or even rewarding coupons for time-off.

What is a train-the-trainer program?

A train-the-trainer program involves identifying individuals within Teams and departments that have an aptitude and willingness to train their peers. A trainer then focuses on imparting expertise to ensure new trainers can share their acquired knowledge.

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