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Insider Risk Management

With Microsoft Purview

Risks can come for external threats like cyberattacks, but they may also show up in the form of insider threats. Managing Insider risks and data security is a priority for many enterprises.

Common Types of Insider Risk

Insider risks general categories:

Data Leakage

Data Theft

Workplace Harassment


Internal Fraud


Principles of Insider Risk Management

Insider risk management principles:


User privacy versus organizational risk. Privacy-by-design architecture with balance for the end users.


Management, alerts, cases, and policies based on industry, geographical, business groups, departments, and teams.


Microsoft Purview is part of Microsoft 365 with proper licensing.


Insights enable reviewer notifications and actionable investigations.

Key Questions to Explore

Ask these questions when evaluating organizational needs and addressing insider risks.

What insider risk areas deserve the most attention in your business?

Can trends be derived from previously observed insider incidents?

What specific areas of the business have an elevated risk?

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