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JADEX’s consulting expertise is derived from the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Federal Government, and highly regulated Fortune 100 businesses. These experiences allow us to provide unique insights and recommendations through our consulting services.

Business Consulting

Virtual Chief Technology Officer

Our Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) service enables organizations to obtain technology subject matter expertise through a world-wide shortage of qualified personnel. With our Microsoft 365 focus, our vCTO will aid you with Zero Trust Architecture, cost-saving opportunities, security posture improvements, cloud advantages, virtualization prospects, automation openings, and more.

Content Management Liaison

This will be your organization’s content and data management extension with reach back support from JADEX’s experts for training and advanced guidance. This is a premium offering for JADEX’s exclusive clientele allowing for a multitude of roles to be assigned to one JADEX Content Management Liaison. The CML primary responsibilities revolve around educating and assisting with Microsoft 365 content solutions, specifically SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

Hybrid Workspaces

Are now the new paradigm for work that was ushered in as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A hybrid workplace model is one that welcomes remote work and enables organizations to harness talent world-wide. A secure hybrid workplace is dependent on a Zero Trust Security Maturity Model and Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA).

Virtual Technology Liaison

This will be your organization’s technology extension with reach back support from JADEX’s experts for training and advanced guidance. This is a premium offering for JADEX’s exclusive clientele allowing for a multitude of roles and responsibilities to be assigned to one JADEX Virtual Technology Liaison.

Going Virtual

In today’s space/time and through the pandemic, many organizational leaders have begun to rethink how to use all the fantastic technological solutions to benefit themselves and others team members. We all love the in-person interaction at the workplace but fell in love with being productive from home. Has your organization figured out how to obtain and retain the most qualified job seekers?

Process/Procedure Development

JADEX’s leadership team has decades of involvement in a multitude of critical regulatory industries with hands-on process and procedure development experience. We will help assess your technology, security, and compliance needs to develop proper documentation.

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Security and Compliance Consultations

Content Labeling Guidance

JADEX will assist your organization with tried-and-true methods of data labeling. We will offer and demonstrate Microsoft 365 information governance and information protection that allows for organization-wide sensitivity and retention labels. This guidance around data labeling will shed light on data handling procedures and will be a cornerstone of proper content management at your organization.

Identity & Access Management

JADEX aids clients in understanding and leveraging the capabilities within Microsoft Azure Active Directory and/or Microsoft Defender for Identity to strengthen the Zero Trust security pillar of “Identities.” Privileged Identity Management (PIM) inside of Microsoft Azure Active Directory allows for just-in-time access and just-enough access for your organization’s administrators to securely complete tasks that require elevated privileges. Least privileged access will always be at the forefront of our guidance as it one of the three key concepts of ZTA.

Microsoft Security Capabilities

JADEX decided to adopt a best-in-suite approach to security as opposed to best-in-breed mindset. From our leadership’s military and intelligence background, our team has learned from the world’s most elite forces. Most organizations leverage over 60 different security tools, and we know they have not all coordinated each tool or app to function together. This leaves many third-party vendor attack vectors not being accounted for appropriately.

Passwordless Journey

We recommend adopting Microsoft’s Passwordless strategy, which replaces passwords with secure and encrypted verification factors that can be accessed by the end user’s device. JADEX can customize this journey and help you achieve passwordless by verifying identity via a device PIN, authentication app, facial recognition, fingerprint, or cryptographic key, thus, allowing secure access without the need for memorized passwords.

Contract Sensitivity Review

JADEX will use intelligent analytics to identify specific markings that classify data and sensitivity types. We identify a customized solution tailored to the type of data organizations need to protect. This review is beneficial for any organization working or attempting to work with the federal government as well as any organization attempting to maintain compliance standards.

Microsoft Compliance Manager

Our compliance manager experts will demonstrate how to access, utilize, leverage, document, attach, retrieve, and update nearly all regulatory controls to ensure preparedness for internal and external audits. Your organization will be able to manage multiple compliance and regulatory improvement actions across many assessment types. From NIST to CMMC to ISO, GDPR, and CCPA, compliance manager has your organization covered.

Password Management Guide

How should you manage your passwords? Do you share passwords? Are you the only one with access to your passwords? Is there a secure organizational procedure in place if password sharing is desired? Are you interested in an organization without passwords? Do you use a password manager or a paper notebook or document on your desktop to store your passwords? JADEX can demonstrate options for your organization to conquer their passwords woes.

Policy & Procedure Enforcement

Currently, there are six main security pillars identifying Zero Trust. Aside from those, Microsoft has identified threat protection along with policy optimization and policy enforcement as core ZTA components in evolving zero trust.

Security Frameworks (ZTA)

Forrester Research created the concept of Zero Trust. This was initially centered around protecting networks and underlying architecture. Microsoft and others have expanded the concept to include the following architectural components to protect: Applications, Data, Endpoints, Identities, Infrastructure, Network, Policy Optimization, Policy Enforcement, and Threat Protection.

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Technology Consultations

Microsoft Tech Capabilities

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by how many business tools and applications Microsoft offers and don’t know where to start? JADEX's Microsoft technical consultants provide fundamental knowledge related to the capabilities and features available through your cloud subscriptions.

Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Is the first cloud native SIEM from a major cloud provider. Collect, detect, investigate, and respond to incidents and threats intelligently with an overview across your organization technology and security through orchestration and automation. Learn how our consultants help you navigate the intricacies of implementing Azure Sentinel.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft has created a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that contains a portfolio of intelligent business applications that empowers organizations to deliver operational excellence and create more engaging customer experiences. JADEX experts can customize a Dynamics solution for your organization that boasts powerful flexibility, intelligent sales and marketing, proactive customer service, automating human resource tasks, connected field service and commerce, and a holistic solution to modern finance and operations.

SharePoint Online/OneDrive

SharePoint Online/OneDrive provides a virtual environment to store content, collaborate, and communicate. JADEX experts provide guidance and expertise enabling our clients to maximize the advanced security, compliance, and content management options within the application.

Microsoft 365 Systems Admin

JADEX subject matter experts provide guidance and insight into the effective management of Microsoft 365’s systems administration features and capabilities for your internal Information Technology team.

Azure Active Directory

Provides organizations with the ability to provide cloud-based identity management for IT Admins, App Developers, and users with active subscriptions to Microsoft 365, Office 365, or Dynamics CRM Online. JADEX experts assist our clients in maximizing the feature capabilities by providing tailored consulting for Azure Active Directory features.

Microsoft Intune (MDM/MDA)

Is the part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) that resides in the cloud. Intune enables your organization to protect your corporate data by focusing on Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM). MEM perfectly integrates with Azure and allows organizations the choice to have a full cloud-first approach or be managed on-premises with Configuration Manager, which is the other portion of MEM.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams helps us stay connected at home, at the office, and at school. It enables us to share content any time as well as learn, plan, and innovate collectively while allowing us to meet and collaborate effectively with video and voice functionality. With the additional capability for application integration, Microsoft Teams can be easily customized to accommodate your favorite and most used apps.

Frequently asked questions

JADEX offers a free 30 minute consultation for all prospective customers and returning customers. During these consultations the goal is to identify solutions that satisfy your business needs.

You and your organization should expect a professional critique of the assessed area through valid and sound persuasive documentation providing arguments and findings for your key stakeholders.

JADEX services are designed for entrepreneurs, engineers, first-line workers, business personnel, leadership, and technology professionals. We focus on providing real-world, experienced-based knowledge transfer related to Microsoft products and services. 

Ultimately, the leadership of JADEX is a United States Navy (USN) veteran and veteran of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), security and the safeguarding of businesses is a primary goal of Jadex Strategic Group.

When it comes to cost, we are transparent and flexible with our clients and open to custom payment arrangements.

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