Consulting enables the sharing of expertise and advice to enhance the quality and results of a project or deliverable.

JADEX’s consulting proficiency stems from its background in the U.S. Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, the Federal Government, and stringently regulated Fortune 100 companies. This wealth of experience allows us to offer distinctive insights and advice via our consulting services.

Consulting Services

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Explore our Business Consulting services, designed to enhance your company’s performance through strategic project management, comprehensive policy creation, and specialized technical knowledge.

Assisting with marketing strategy, digital presence, and brand positioning.

Assesses how an organization collects, uses, stores, and disposes of data, ensuring compliance with data privacy laws.

Guiding organizations through significant transitions or transformations

Advising on CRM strategy and implementation to improve customer engagement and sales.

Advising on CRM strategy and implementation to improve customer engagement and sales.

Helping businesses develop sustainable practices and corporate social responsibility programs.


Fortify your digital landscape with our Cybersecurity Consulting, delivering cutting-edge defense strategies and resilient security solutions.

Educating employees on best practices and awareness to prevent breaches.

Implementing measures to safeguard sensitive data and ensure privacy.

Enhance your security posture with our Identity & Access Management consulting, ensuring robust control over user access and safeguarding your digital assets.

Creating and implementing plans for responding to cybersecurity incidents.

Evaluating the current security posture and developing strategies to mitigate risks.

Designing robust security structures to protect against threats.

Ensuring that systems meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Providing insights into potential threats and proactive measures to prevent attacks.


Navigate the complex maze of regulations with our Compliance Consulting, ensuring your business adheres to legal standards and ethical practices.

Conducting thorough reviews to verify compliance with external and internal standards.

 Implementing frameworks for managing and securing data in compliance with privacy laws.

Developing programs to promote ethical behavior and compliance within organizations.

Crafting and revising internal policies to align with legal requirements.

Ensuring adherence to industry-specific regulations and standards.


Transform your IT infrastructure with our Information Technology Consulting, leveraging the latest innovations to drive efficiency and competitive advantage.

Implementing tools to analyze data and gain actionable business insights.

Assisting with and designing optimal Cloud environments within the Microsoft solution stack to meet business needs.

Assisting with cloud migration, management, and optimization for platforms like Azure (Commercial), GCC, and GCC High.  

Helping businesses leverage digital technologies to improve processes and customer experiences.

Unlock the power of rapid application development with our Low Code Consulting services, streamlining your business processes and accelerating digital innovation.

Embrace Microsoft’s Passwordless strategy with Jadex Strategic Group, utilizing secure verification methods like device PINs, biometrics, or cryptographic keys for hassle-free access without traditional passwords.”

Providing ongoing technical support and troubleshooting for IT systems.

Advising on the selection and implementation of telecommunication systems.

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Frequently asked questions

JADEX offers a free 30 minute consultation for all prospective customers and returning customers. During these consultations the goal is to identify solutions that satisfy your business needs.

You and your organization should expect a professional critique of the assessed area through valid and sound persuasive documentation providing arguments and findings for your key stakeholders.

JADEX services are designed for entrepreneurs, engineers, first-line workers, business personnel, leadership, and technology professionals. We focus on providing real-world, experienced-based knowledge transfer related to Microsoft products and services. 

Ultimately, the leadership of JADEX is a United States Navy (USN) veteran and veteran of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), security and the safeguarding of businesses is a primary goal of Jadex Strategic Group.

When it comes to cost, we are transparent and flexible with our clients and open to custom payment arrangements.

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