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Recommended Solutions For Streamlining Security

Streamlining Security

Streamlining Security doesn’t have to be complex and involve purchasing numerous different solutions from various vendors. Microsoft provides security solutions that rival industry competitors costs and capabilities. At JADEX, we assist our clients in implementing a Microsoft 365 security architecture to meet various business requirements and reduce costs.

How to Streamline Your Security Approach

Audit Current Security Solutions

Ensure that your security solutions are addressing all your regulatory requirements. Often multiple solutions leave gaps in security.

Current vs. Microsoft Offerings

After identifying current regulatory gaps, we highly recommend comparing Microsoft security solutions to their competitors.

Acquire Appropriate Licensing

After addressing security gaps, contact a Microsoft Partner like JADEX for licensing recommendations and offerings,

Create an Improvement Plan

Modern Security is only achieved with a Zero Trust Architecture. Ensure your improvement plan aligns with best practices.

Evaluate Your Technology Team

Outsourcing your technology team is an antiquated approach. Ensure your team has the Microsoft 365 skills to implement protections.

Decide How To Implement

JADEX is always here to serve as implementation experts. We are Microsoft certified and Microsoft partners that are willing to help.

Monitor Technology Lifecyle

With a Zero Trust Approach, we advise that you terminate redundant security solutions at the end of contract lifecycles.

Reallocate Potential Cost Saving

Use the CapEx savings to invest in technology.  Educate IT to adjust to new demands in Microsoft 365 strategy.

Microsoft Zero Trust Maturity Assessment Quiz

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Microsoft have security?

Microsoft has top-tier security features available, including Microsoft Azure, Defender, and Advanced Threat Protection.

What is Microsoft 365 security?

Microsoft 365 security is Microsoft 365 Defender at the core along with Azure, Advanced Threat Protection, and more.

How do I turn on Microsoft security?

Advanced Microsoft security solutions can be activated by acquiring relevant Microsoft subscription licensing. Jadex provides a wide variety of Microsoft security licenses to meet the needs of small to large organizations.

How do you manage security and compliance?

Managing security and compliance shifts to continuous improvement of security and compliance.

What is governance in security?

Governance drives continuous improvement.

What are the security risks of working remotely?

Working remotely can expose a plethora of security risks, especially if your organization operates with old security paradigms. Yes, your organization does need to secure its networks and infrastructure as before. Now, data, applications, devices, and identities must be protected across the entire digital estate forging Zero Trust.

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