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About Us

Jadex Strategic Group (JADEX) specializes in cybersecurity and technology, dedicated to revolutionizing secure virtual work practices. As a Hispanic and Veteran-owned enterprise, we are passionate about enhancing technological environments and advancing security maturity. Our team comprises diverse professionals with extensive experience in supporting critical infrastructure sectors. We integrate the finest practices from security, military, intelligence, and compliance disciplines into our service offerings.

Our Story

Jadex Strategic Group represents more than a decade of unwavering dedication from its CEO, Edwin Hill. Over the past twelve years, as a full-time single father, Edwin has nurtured his three children while dreaming of establishing an organization that would secure their future. This endeavor required him to work tirelessly, juggling the responsibilities of parenthood with the pursuit of his aspirations. His vision was to create a legacy his children could inherit with pride.

Despite numerous challenges, it appeared that Jadex Strategic Group might never materialize. However, through the support of family, friends, and fortuitous circumstances, we have succeeded in founding an organization committed to service and protection.

Jadex Strategic Group is the culmination of over a decade of dedicated effort from Jadex Strategic Group’s CEO Edwin Hill. For the past twelve years, Edwin has raised his three children as a full-time single father with a dream of creating an organization that would enable him to provide for them. This meant working full-time and balancing the demands of raising three children while pursing his dreams. The goal has always been to build an organization that his children would be proud to inherit.

For years, it seemed that Jadex Strategic Group might not ever come to fruition but with the assistance of loved ones, friends, and serendipitous events we’ve been able build an organization focused on service and protection.

JADEX Leadership

Our CEO started his career as a Cryptologic Technician within the U.S. Naval Intelligence community, providing support to the National Security Agency (NSA). Following a successful stint on the USS Chosin (CG-65) as a signal collection analyst and Watch Center Supervisor, he advanced to the role of Master Training Specialist at the Center for Information Dominance.

After concluding his service, Edwin dedicated his expertise to bolstering various Intelligence agencies, elite Special Forces, and Department of Defense (DOD) entities as a defense contractor and a U.S. government civil servant.

Upon returning to his roots in Michigan, Edwin made a significant life decision about prioritizing family. He relocated his loved ones to the serene and picturesque beach town of Spring Lake, a hidden gem nestled between Holland, Grand Haven, and Muskegon in West Michigan. This move marked the beginning of a new chapter in his professional journey within the Information Technology sector. Starting from the ground up, he embraced entry-level positions and progressively ascended to more influential and technical roles, making his mark within Fortune 100 companies renowned for their prowess in US Manufacturing and Financial technology.

Edwin’s diverse experiences have equipped JADEX with a profound comprehension of the intricacies of cybersecurity, compliance, and information technology, ensuring a holistic approach to modern digital challenges.

Chief Executive Officer

U.S. Naval Intelligence Veteran and Microsoft Subject Matter Expert


Chief Operating Officer

Rick is a Microsoft Certified: Cybersecurity Architect Expert that translates cybersecurity strategy into capabilities that protects assets, business, and operations of organizations. Moreso, he is a Microsoft Certified: Security Operations Analyst that monitors, identifies, investigates, and responds to threats in multi-cloud environments by using Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Microsoft 365 Defender, and third-party security solutions. Rick is a graduate from Michigan State University, has worked as an analyst/chemist for over a decade at world renown German-based chemical/pharmaceutical companies, and has been an auditor of Fortune 500 companies. He joined Jadex Strategic Group with the ability to comprehend and utilize new information rapidly, which translates to better communication and a more positive client experience.


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