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Understanding Compliance

Compliance Illustration of three people interacting with a long list titled ‘RULES’, with one person using a megaphone, another reading the list, and the third writing on it.

Recommended Solutions For Compliance

JADEX recognizes that compliance is fluid, and it is critical that organizations adapt to the constant revisions.  If your organization lacks the knowledge of shifting regulations that must be followed to conduct business, it becomes difficult to maintain compliance controls and drive improvement actions to adhere to these strict regulations. Leverage Microsoft to simplify your organization’s management and attainment of regulatory standards while understanding compliance.

Compliance Guidance

Identify Industry Regulations

It is important to identify and assess regulatory standards that may impact your business or organization.

Form a Compliance Strategy

Form a cross functional team to enact a strategy that ensures your organization is successful in adhering to compliance efforts.

Review Accountability

Ultimately, the accountability for compliance relies on you. Accountability for compliance can not be outsourced.

Anticipate Constant Revisions

Anticipate regulatory change that will require regular updates to documentation and technologies in order to remain complaint.

Select Documentation Methods

Determine how you are going to document your compliance efforts. Did you know Microsoft Compliance Manager can help?

Create a Timeline

Create a timeline of compliance goals with milestones and due dates . A timeline will help you visualize and obtain your goals.

Incorporate Technology Solutions

Be sure to research what compliance regulations can be met by simply deciding the appropriate technology solution.

Create Policies and Procedures

Everyone should be actively involved in this process. Policies & procedures should reinforce current compliance efforts.

Follow Data Through Its Lifecycle

With a goal of classifying, protecting, and monitoring data, ensure you follow data through its entire lifecycle.

Classify Data

Identify where your data resides throughout your organization and ensure data is classified to meet business regulatory standards.

Protect Sensitive Data

Ensure proper data protections are in place to secure your and your clients' sensitive data in accordance with industry regulations.

Monitor Compliance Efforts

Compliance requirements are constantly changing. Ensure all systems and devices are meeting current regulatory standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stay compliant?

Understanding compliance can be challenging. We monitor, review, audit, verify, and update current documentation, operational procedures, and technical controls or improvement actions within Microsoft 365 Compliance Manager.

Am I compliant?

To be compliant, organizations must constantly review regulatory controls and ensure they are configuring systems and applications in accordance with those controls. Jadex offers assessments that help determine if you are compliant and to help you in understanding compliance.

What does it take to be compliant?

A mentality that it will take organizational effort along with a strategy of continuous improvement in the areas of compliance and security to work towards being compliant.

What is compliance in simple terms?

Adhering to regulatory standards necessary to conduct business.

What is Microsoft 365 Compliance?

Microsoft 365 Compliance helps organizations address standards and regulations with Compliance Manager and compliance action plans. It also assists organizations with managing and mitigating insider risks while discovering and responding to audits or cases. Additionally, it aids organizations in managing and protecting data with compliance solutions including information protection, governance, and data loss prevention.

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