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Service Description

Sensitivity labels and retention labels are essential components of robust data governance strategy that help businesses comply with regulatory and organizational requirements, prevent data loss, and reduce risks. DataSello provides a unified and integrated labeling solution with Microsoft 365 that enables organizations to classify, label, protect, monitor, and manage their sensitive data across devices, applications, and cloud services.

Service Highlights

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Sensitivity Labels

Protect your sensitive data with labels that apply encryption, visual markings, and usage rights.

Sensitivity Labels Can Be Used To:

That encompass both encryption and visual confidentiality indicators. For instance, attaching a “Confidential” tag to documents or emails not only encrypts the data but also imprints a “Confidential” watermark. These visual indicators can be watermarks, headers, and footers, while encryption limits the permissible actions even for authorized users.


  • This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, whether used as desktop applications or via the web. Compatibility extends to Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android systems.

The Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps tool enables you to identify, categorize, label, and secure data in apps like SalesForce, Box, or DropBox, regardless of their native support for sensitivity labels.

Adjust privacy configurations, manage external user permissions, regulate device-based access, and oversee the sharing of channels across teams.

By labeling (and if chosen, encrypting) meeting invitations and responses, while also applying Teams-specific settings to these interactions.

Activating this feature allows for the application and visibility of labels within Power BI, safeguarding the data even when exported from the platform.

Currently in preview, this feature lets you label files and structured data assets within Microsoft Purview Data Map, including various databases like SQL, Azure SQL, Azure Synapse, Azure Cosmos DB, and AWS RDS.

Utilize the Microsoft Information Protection SDK to enable third-party applications to recognize and enforce protection settings based on sensitivity labels.

Simply apply labels to data to visually represent its sensitivity level within your organization, aiding in the generation of usage reports and activity tracking. Protection measures can be implemented subsequently as needed.

When assigned to users, Copilot acknowledges and incorporates sensitivity labels during interactions, ensuring the protection of labeled information. More details can be found in the section titled ‘Sensitivity labels and Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365’.

Icon depicting hands holding a label with retention dates, representing protection using digital Retention Labels.

Retention Labels

Protect your data from accidental or malicious deletion, modification, or corruption.

Reasons to Use Retention Labels:

  • To proactively adhere to industry standards and internal guidelines mandating the retention of content for specified durations. For instance, under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, you may be obligated to preserve certain documents for a period of seven years.
  • To minimize potential legal and security complications by permanently erasing outdated material that is no longer necessary to retain.
  • To boost your organization’s agility and knowledge dissemination by guaranteeing that your team engages exclusively with up-to-date and pertinent content.

Service Benefits

Microsoft’s data classification and labeling capabilities are a cornerstone for modern data governance. By accurately classifying data, organizations can ensure compliance with stringent regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA, safeguarding against legal and financial repercussions. It enhances data protection, preventing unauthorized access and potential data breaches. Moreover, it streamlines data management, allowing for more efficient retrieval and handling of information. Ultimately, it serves as a proactive measure in risk mitigation, reducing the likelihood of data loss and bolstering an organization’s reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

Microsoft's information protection and encryption solutions safeguard sensitive data across devices, applications, cloud services, and on-site locations. These solutions allow for the classification and labeling of data according to its sensitivity, enabling the application of suitable protection policies. They grant the ability to dictate access permissions and usage rights for your data, even when it is outside your organization. Utilizing advanced encryption technologies and standards like AES 256-bit, RSA, and FIPS 140-2, Microsoft's offerings ensure extensive oversight and reporting on data activities and compliance posture.

Microsoft 365 Purview provides features such as content search, data classification, and monitoring to assist users in managing their data assets. Content search enables the discovery of information across multiple data sources with keywords, filters, and complex queries. Data classification allows for labeling and tagging data according to rules that denote sensitivity, compliance, and business importance. Monitoring tracks and audits data activities and changes, alerting users to any unusual or suspicious actions. These tools help organizations enhance visibility, control, and understanding of their data, bolstering data security, compliance, and governance.

Microsoft 365 allows users to manage data effectively and efficiently through retention labeling and data lifecycle management (DLM). These tools help users comply with legal and regulatory requirements, safeguard data against threats, optimize storage and performance, boost productivity and collaboration, and foster organizational innovation and transformation. They achieve this by preserving or discarding data as necessary, encrypting and auditing sensitive information, categorizing data according to its lifecycle, eliminating or relocating outdated data, and improving access to data, sharing, consistency, analytics, insights, decision-making, and the integration of new technologies and services.

Sensitivity and retention labels are features within Microsoft 365 that assist organizations in managing data risk and compliance. Sensitivity labels categorize and safeguard data according to its level of confidentiality, implementing encryption, visual markings, and restrictions on access. Retention labels determine the duration for data preservation and the actions to take upon its expiration, enforcing retention policies across different locations and scenarios. Managed and enforced by Microsoft 365 Purview, these labels support automated labeling through content analysis and machine learning. They also offer insights and analytics regarding data utilization, protection, and management, aiding organizations in enhancing their data governance strategies.

Service Options

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Data Labeling Template

Enhance your operations by utilizing our internal data labeling template to develop your personalized labeling system.
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Labeling Consulting

Work closely with us to master the intricacies of labeling. Acquire valuable insights that you can integrate into daily operations.
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Labeling Customizations

At times, business needs may necessitate specialized labeling customizations that are not covered by standard service offerings.
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Data Management Handoff/Education

This service is accessible to any client who has adopted DataSello and seeks subsequent management and educational resources related to information protection.
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Data Management Monitoring

Our engineers diligently monitor the usage, application, and alerts related to DataSello to guarantee that your business operations are conducted securely and efficiently.
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