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JADEX’s Business Pillar focuses on an organizational digital transformation within Microsoft 365.  The key reason JADEX partners with Microsoft is that they provide all-inclusive, robust, and best-in-suite business options.  From CRM and ERP within Dynamics 365 to Corporate Intranets within SharePoint Online, JADEX digital transformation options are uniquely customizable to support your business needs.


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Business Solution Guidance

Audit Existing Services

Review paid and unpaid services for more cost effective solutions provided by Microsoft.

Replace Services with Microsoft

When applicable, replace third-party solutions with Microsoft cloud subscriptions.

Manage Your Endpoints

Protect your business devices and users from threats, anywhere at anytime.

Implement Business Telephony Solutions

Run business telephone routing and automated attendants utilzing Microsoft Teams.

Organize and Protect Your Content

OneDrive & SharePoint provide a secure environment to organize & automate content.

Communicate and Collaborate Instantly

Microsoft Teams enables instant messaging, virtual meetings, and real-time coauthoring.

Create a Corporate Intranet

Utilize SharePoint Online sites to provide business resources & encourage collaboration.

Automate Business Processes

Turn written and unwritten processes into automations that save time & reduce costs.

Create Low-Code Mobile Apps

Empower all employees to leverage business data to create low-code business apps.

Visualize Organizational Data

Harness the power of Microsoft's business offerings to visualize all your data touchpoints.

Manage Customer Relationships

Create an enterprise resource to manage customer accounts and track sales goals.

Utilize Digital Marketing

Create marketing emails, customer journeys, & facilitate marketing events in Dynamics 365.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Microsoft business solutions?

Microsoft has created an impressive, cohesive array of business solutions that when properly configured and utilized as intended, provide any business with clear advantages like eliminating third-party costs, increasing security, and improving compliance efforts.

What business solutions are offered by Microsoft?

Microsoft built their organization with a focus on the business customer. Their extensive list of business solutions and offerings allow them to compete with numerous third-party vendors. Often, Jadex helps our clients save money by eliminating costly third-party applications that can be replaced for free or by simply elevating a subscription license within Microsoft 365.

How can Microsoft help me manage all our devices and applications?

Microsoft provides different solutions dependent upon business needs. Microsoft Endpoint Management (MEM) is the primary option, specifically Microsoft Intune, which includes MAM and MEM capabilities, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Azure Sentinel, and much more.

Can Microsoft Teams be my work phone and main collaboration tool?

Yes, with the proper licensing, Microsoft Teams can serve as your work phone to receive and place phone calls as well as your main collaboration tool for instant messaging and video conferencing.

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