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Cloud Security

With Azure Active Directory (Azure AD or AAD), Intune, and Azure Information Protection, Jadex and our clients are enabled to gain visibility into all corporate cloud apps and services. We leverage sophisticated analytics to identify and combat cyberthreats that are powered by native integrations within the Microsoft identity and security solution stack. Are you ready to control how your data is consumed, no matter where it lives?

Information Protection

Azure Information Protection enables us to identify company information that is at risk of being exposed and sensitive to the business. We have the ability to immediately remediate risks with admin controls like revoking privileges, notifying the owner, or even quarantine.

Jadex and our clients possess the ability to classify, label, and protect sensitive information when it is stored or uploaded to a cloud app.

Real-time monitoring of user sessions and automated control help to prevent data exfiltration in low-trust scenarios like external user sessions.

Threat Protection

Threat Protection enables defense across attack chains from both insider and external threats. Azure AD Identity Protection provides defense from brute force or stolen credentials cyber-attacks at user identity. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps enables the detection of unusual behavior across cloud applications to identify threats.

Compliance Assessment

With Microsoft Information Protection, assessments are available to compare your compliance and security against regulatory requirements such as NIST or CMMC as well as many other industry and legal standards and common security controls.

Discover & Control Use of Shadow IT

Shadow IT is defined as the set of applications, service, and infrastructure that are developed and managed outside of the defined company standards.

More than 1,100 cloud applications are used by enterprises today. Approximately, 61% of these cloud apps are unsanctioned by IT. This results in duplicate capabilities, applications causing threat vulnerabilities, apps not meeting compliance standards, and apps posing a security risk to the organization without any IT oversight.

We make sure to discover Shadow IT for ourselves and our clients. This identifies current cloud apps, provides risk level app assessments, evaluates compliance, and enables ongoing analytics as well as lifecycle management capabilities to control the use.

Microsoft 365 Defender

Extending past your organization's network, the Defender agent enables machine-based Discovery regardless of the access point.

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (AAD) enables you to easily onboard discovered apps to allow for managed authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Leading SWG Providers

Allow inline app Discovery and the enforcement of governance actions with Microsoft's Secure Web Gateway integrations.

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