Cloud Security

Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure Active Directory) is at the forefront of cloud security technology, providing Jadex and its clients with unparalleled visibility into corporate cloud applications and services. By leveraging technology with advanced analytics, we proactively detect and neutralize cyber threats, ensuring robust cybersecurity through seamless integrations within Microsoft’s identity and security solutions. With Microsoft Entra, you can assert control over your data’s consumption, no matter where it resides.

Information Protection

Information Protection is a cornerstone of our cloud security strategy at Jadex Strategic Group. It enables us to identify and safeguard business-critical information that is vulnerable. With swift cybersecurity measures, we implement administrative controls to mitigate risks, such as revoking access, notifying owners, or quarantining sensitive data.

At Jadex, we empower our clients with the ability to classify, label, and protect sensitive data, ensuring it remains secure during storage or transit to any cloud application.

Our commitment to cybersecurity is further demonstrated through real-time surveillance and automated governance of user activities. These information technology protocols are crucial in preventing data theft, particularly in interactions with external users.

Threat Protection

Threat Protection provides a defense against attack chains from both internal and external threats. Entra Identity Protection shields user identities from cyber-attacks like brute force and credential theft. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps helps detect unusual activities across cloud applications, identifying potential threats.

Compliance Assessment

Microsoft Information Protection provides assessments to help evaluate your organization's compliance and security posture against regulatory standards such as NIST or CMMC, as well as a variety of other industry, legal benchmarks, and common security controls.

Discover & Control Use of Shadow IT

Shadow IT represents a significant cybersecurity challenge, encompassing applications, services, and infrastructure developed and managed outside of official company technology protocols.

In the modern enterprise landscape, over 1,100 cloud applications are in use, with approximately 61% operating without IT sanction. This leads to a proliferation of redundant features, cybersecurity threats, non-compliance issues, and technology risks beyond the purview of IT governance.

Our mission is to demystify Shadow IT for Jadex and our clients, pinpointing active cloud applications, evaluating cybersecurity risk levels, ensuring regulatory compliance, and implementing continuous analytics and lifecycle management to oversee and regulate technology usage.

Microsoft 365 Defender

Extending past your organization's network, the Defender agent enables machine-based Discovery regardless of the access point.

Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure Active Directory) simplifies the onboarding process for discovered apps, enabling managed authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Leading SWG Providers

Allow inline app Discovery and the enforcement of governance actions with Microsoft's Secure Web Gateway integrations.

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