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Logo for ‘N-Charge™’, a device management and endpoint security service, showcasing a shield with digital icons, built on Microsoft 365 and leveraging Microsoft Intune.

Service Description

N-Charge™ is a service that leverages Microsoft Intune to provide device management and endpoint security for your organization. With N-Charge™, you can enroll, configure, monitor, and update your devices across different platforms and locations. You can also apply policies and settings to protect your data and devices from threats and vulnerabilities. N-Charge™ helps you streamline your device management and security operations and enhance your productivity and compliance.

Service Highlights

Our service simplifies the device enrollment process, allowing clients to quickly and securely add their devices to the management system. With a focus on ease of use, devices are seamlessly integrated, paving the way for efficient management and monitoring.

Screenshot of Intune Device Enrollment menu, showcasing management options for Windows devices, including sections for Tokens, Windows Hello, and Automatic Enrollment.

We offer a comprehensive device management solution that empowers clients to control settings, deploy software, and manage resources effectively. Our service ensures optimal device performance and user productivity through robust management tools.Device Management: Graphic of various devices linked to a central point, symbolizing integrated device management.

Continuous monitoring is at the heart of our service, providing real-time insights into device health and usage. This proactive approach allows for immediate issue resolution and maintenance, ensuring devices remain operational and secure.Device Monitoring: Visual of an eye within a network, representing proactive device monitoring management.

Flexibility in device configuration is a key feature of our service. Clients can customize device settings to meet specific business needs and user roles, enhancing overall efficiency and performance.Device Configuration: Illustration of gears and cloud connectivity for streamlined device configuration management.

Maintaining a strong security posture is crucial, and our service enforces compliance with corporate policies and regulatory standards. Through comprehensive compliance management, we help clients protect their data and meet industry requirements.Device Compliance: Badge icon with a checkmark, indicating thorough device compliance management.

Our endpoint security measures are designed to protect client devices from a wide range of threats. With advanced security features like threat detection, antivirus protection, and data encryption, we safeguard sensitive information and ensure peace of mind.Endpoint Security: Shield icon with a digital lock, highlighting secure endpoint security management.

Logo for ‘N-Charge™’, a device management and endpoint security service, showcasing a shield with digital icons, built on Microsoft 365 and leveraging Microsoft Intune.

Take Charge of Devices in Your Environment

Empower your organization with N-Charge™ – the ultimate solution for managing and protecting devices with ease!

Service Benefits

Gain unparalleled command over your corporate devices with our service. It allows for centralized management, ensuring uniformity and compliance across the board. Real-time monitoring and policy enforcement become effortless, providing a secure and efficient environment for all your device management needs.

Corporate Device Control: Icon representing control over corporate devices for enhanced management.

Protect your sensitive data with the ability to remotely wipe or remove organizational information from devices. This critical feature ensures that in the event of theft or loss, your data remains secure. Swift action can be taken to prevent unauthorized access, keeping your organization’s information safe and private.Remotely Wipe/Remove Organizational Data: Graphic showing remote data removal for secure management.

Embrace the power of flexibility with our service’s ability to manage any device platform. Whether it’s iOS, MacOS, Android, Linux or Windows, our solution streamlines device management across different operating systems. Simplify your IT operations and maintain control with a single, unified management interface.Manage Any Device Platform: Illustration of cross-platform device management capabilities.

Stay ahead of potential threats with our service’s vulnerability visibility feature. It provides a clear view of your system’s weak points, allowing for proactive security measures. Keep your network secure by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
Vulnerability Visibility: Icon for visibility into system vulnerabilities within management.

Our service ensures that maintaining compliance with industry standards is hassle-free. Regular checks and enforcement of compliance standards protect your organization from legal repercussions and security breaches. Trust our service to keep your devices in line with the latest regulations.Maintain Compliance: Badge icon indicating ongoing compliance maintenance in management.

Achieve consistency across your IT landscape with standardized device configurations. This service benefit reduces errors and streamlines operations, making device management more predictable and stable. Standardize Device Configurations: Icon depicting standardization in device configuration management.

Keep your devices’ operating systems up-to-date effortlessly. Our service ensures that all devices run the latest software versions, complete with vital security patches and performance improvements. Stay current and secure with minimal effort.

Maintain Up-to-date Operating Systems: Visual for keeping operating systems current in device management.

Defend your devices against a myriad of risks and threats with our comprehensive protection measures. From antivirus software to intrusion prevention systems, our service provides robust security to keep your devices safe. Rest assured that your endpoints are shielded from the latest cyber threats.

Protect Devices from Risks & Threats: Shield icon symbolizing protection from risks and threats in management.

What to Expect

Abstract graphic of interconnected gears and symbols depicting management and shared responsibility in a project, highlighting teamwork and communication within a unified circular design.

Shared Responsibility Decisions

When you sign up for our service, you’ll enter a partnership where security and management responsibilities are clearly delineated. You’ll have the flexibility to decide how much control you wish to retain, while we provide the expertise to fill in the gaps. Together, we’ll ensure that your IT environment is secure, efficient, and aligned with your business objectives.
An illustration of management choice in device platforms, showing a central partnership icon encircled by various devices symbolizing shared responsibility across Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS and Linux systems

Choose the Platforms to Protect

Our service offers the freedom to select which device platforms you want to protect, whether it’s iOS, Android, Windows, or others. We understand the diverse ecosystem of devices in modern businesses and provide tailored protection for each platform. With our service, you can rest assured that all your devices, regardless of the operating system, are secure and managed effectively.
Graphic illustration of a shield symbolizing management protection, encircled by icons depicting compliance requirements and device management strategies.

Compare to Compliance Requirements

We help you navigate the complex landscape of compliance requirements, ensuring your device management strategies are up to par. Our service allows you to easily compare your current device configurations with industry standards and regulatory mandates. This proactive approach helps you stay ahead of compliance issues and avoid potential penalties.
Icon symbolizing device configuration baseline management, with a cloud at the center encircled by technology icons like gears and screens, denoting centralized control and oversight.

Establish Device Configuration Baselines

Setting up device configuration baselines is a breeze with our service. We assist you in establishing clear and consistent standards for all your devices, which is essential for security and manageability. By defining these baselines, you can streamline device setup, reduce administrative overhead, and maintain a solid security stance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Device management with Microsoft Intune refers to the administration of mobile devices, laptops, and desktops from a cloud-based portal. It allows for the configuration, monitoring, and security of devices within an organization, ensuring they comply with company policies.

Effective device management ensures that all devices adhere to security policies, receive timely updates, and are monitored for threats. This reduces the risk of data breaches and maintains the integrity of organizational data.

Yes, Microsoft Intune’s device management capabilities extend across various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, allowing for a unified approach to managing a diverse range of devices.

Device management facilitates remote work by allowing IT administrators to deploy policies, push updates, and manage security remotely. This ensures that even off-site devices remain secure and productive.

Device management tools like Intune can automate compliance reporting and enforce compliance policies, making it easier for organizations to meet regulatory standards and avoid penalties.

Device management supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies by separating personal and organizational data, ensuring that company information remains secure on personal devices.

By centralizing the management of devices, IT operations are streamlined, reducing the need for manual intervention and allowing for efficient monitoring and maintenance of all devices.

Device management plays a crucial role in endpoint security by enforcing security policies, managing antivirus software, and providing threat protection to prevent unauthorized access and cyber attacks.

Yes, tools like Microsoft Intune can automate the enrollment process for new devices, making it easier and faster to integrate them into the organization’s IT ecosystem.

Device management ensures that employees have the necessary tools and applications to perform their duties effectively while maintaining a secure and compliant device environment.

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