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Service Description

STRATEGIES” demonstrate Jadex Strategic Group’s ability to execute business, security, compliance, & cloud technology projects. All STRATEGIES have clearly defined objectives & outcomes as well as follow project management best practices.

STRATEGIES incorporate a wide assortment of Microsoft technologies, Microsoft security, and/or address a business need.

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Project Responsibilities

Jadex Strategic Group assumes the shared responsibility for the scope and duration of the STRATEGIES timeline to accomplish the necessary goals. Once the project enters the completion phase, our shared responsibility is transferred back to you, your organization, or your provider. Additional services and solutions may be purchased in addition to STRATEGIES.  

Project Focus Areas

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Microsoft Technology

Streamline your business processes, integrate your data, and unify your teams.

Microsoft Security

Protect your organization from today’s threats & tomorrow’s challenges with the most comprehensive & integrated security platform in the industry.

Business Need

Do you have a need? Innovate and transform your business with t he most trusted and secure cloud platform in the world.

Business Solution

Do you have an idea of what you need? Create and deploy innovative and scalable solutions for any challenge.

The Process

After the Project Options

Full Handoff

Periodic Reviews

Support Retainer

managed Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how we can assist your team in implementing and configuring solutions through custom projects.

Microsoft Technology – We specialize in Microsoft technologies that can enhance your business operations and outcomes.

Microsoft Security – We assist clients in applying integrated security capabilities to provide comprehensive protection.

Business Need – Often business requirements creep up and result in an immediate need. We help you define the need and provide custom services to meet the requirements.

Business Solution – Business solutions address well established business areas that often have multi-vendor pointed solutions. We offer you a single vendor with integrated business solutions through our Microsoft partnership.

  • Yes, we can work with you to complete a project with a limited budget. However, it might take longer to complete or you may have to sacrifice features or capabilities.

During project handoff and project completion, Jadex Strategic Group transfers needed materials and findings back to you. At the point in the timeline, responsibility and accountability will be with you and your organization. Though, Jadex Strategic provides many managed services that our clients enjoy. You also have options for a full handoff, periodic reviews, a support retainer, and those managed services.

We use a secure project management tool and cloud storage service that is an integrated solution, such as Microsoft Project or Microsoft SharePoint. This helps keep files and data protected as well as enhance collaboration and streamline workflows.

We address information security requirements from the start of the project. Then, we align project outcomes with your cybersecurity strategy and business goals.

We make understanding the process and training paramount. This helps you ensure that your team has the necessary skills and knowledge to implement and maintain your solution with best practices.

We make testing and review of STRATEGIES available to the customer.

We communicate and collaborate effectively with your team and stakeholders to keep them informed and engaged. We use Microsoft Teams to chat, call, and meet with your project members, and share files and feedback.

  • CUI discovery
  • CMMC and NIST improvement actions
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power Platform
  • Copilot
  • Entra ID collaboration and hardening.
  • Security monitoring
  • SharePoint Online
  • Teams Phones Unified Communications
  • And much more…


A Jadex Strategic Group branded logo for Tech Engineering Projects featuring a green stylized light bulb with internal gears, symbolizing innovative solutions in technology and engineering.

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