Discover a seamless way to acquire cutting-edge technology for your organization. Our personalized recommendations for Microsoft Surface devices and peripherals ensure you get the perfect fit. From effortless setup to secure shipping, we’ve got you covered. Let’s revolutionize how your device procurement process!

Jadex Strategic Group specializes in comprehensive device procurement services. We offer customized Microsoft Surface device recommendations, handle configuration, and seamlessly integrate them with Microsoft 365 Business, ensuring a perfect fit for your organization’s needs

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 Jadex Strategic Group has earned the prestigious title of a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR). As a MAR, Jadex professionally refurbishes Windows devices, preinstalling genuine Microsoft software to ensure an exceptional customer experience. Explore our certified refurbished devices and discover the perfect fit for your needs.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions related to our device procurement service, “The Plug”. We hope this information helps you better understand our service. For answers to any additional questions you may have, email us at info@jadexstrategic.com.

What is device procurement and how can Jadex Strategic Group assist me?

Device procurement is the process of sourcing, acquiring, and managing devices for business use. Jadex Strategic Group assists by providing expert recommendations for Microsoft Surface devices, ensuring they meet your specific business needs, handling configuration, and connecting them to Microsoft 365 Business accounts.

How does Jadex Strategic Group tailor Microsoft Surface device recommendations?

We analyze your business requirements, work environment, and budget to suggest the most suitable Microsoft Surface configurations. This includes selecting the right models, specifications, and additional features that align with your business objectives.

What are the benefits of integrating Microsoft 365 Business with my new Surface device?

Integrating Microsoft 365 Business offers seamless access to productivity tools, enhanced security features, and easy collaboration across devices. It ensures that your Surface device is equipped with the latest software and is ready for immediate use in a professional setting.

Can Jadex Strategic Group handle the configuration and setup of my Microsoft Surface devices?

Yes, we specialize in the configuration and setup of Microsoft Surface devices. Our service includes installing necessary software, setting up user accounts, and ensuring that all components are optimized for performance.

What types of computer accessories and peripherals does Jadex Strategic Group offer?

We offer a wide range of computer accessories and peripherals, including keyboards, mice, docking stations, monitors, and more, all compatible with Microsoft Surface devices to enhance your computing experience.

How does the device shipping process work with Jadex Strategic Group?

Once your devices are configured and ready, we securely package and ship them directly to your specified address. We provide tracking information and ensure timely delivery to your client.

What makes Jadex Strategic Group’s device procurement service unique?

Our unique approach lies in our personalized service, expert knowledge of Microsoft products, and commitment to providing a seamless integration of hardware and software for our clients.

How can I ensure compatibility between my chosen peripherals and my Microsoft Surface device?

We ensure compatibility by recommending peripherals that are certified to work with Microsoft Surface devices. Our team stays updated with the latest compatibility information to guide you in selecting the right products.

What support does Jadex Strategic Group provide post-purchase?

We offer comprehensive post-purchase support, including technical assistance, warranty services, and guidance on using your new devices and software effectively.

How does Jadex Strategic Group stay updated with the latest Microsoft Surface products?

We maintain close partnerships with Microsoft and regularly participate in training and updates to stay informed about the latest Surface products and features.
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