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It’s no secret that at JADEX, we are an official Microsoft partner.  To ensure customer excellence, we pride ourselves on staying abreast of all of Microsoft’s latest innovations in Information Technology (IT) solutions for business, nonprofit, education, and government organizations.


Exchange Online Configuration

Exchange Online is a virtual business email service that is fully integrated into your Microsoft 365 experience. With a focus on security, our engineers leverage best practices to setup or configure an organization's Microsoft 365 environment.

Passwordless Technologies

JADEX assists clients in implementing Microsoft's Passwordless technologies, hardware, and methodologies. These can be protected with finger print, facial recognition, device pin, the Microsoft Authenticator App, USB keys, and smartcards. FIDO2 open compliant standards will allow for solutions like cryptographic keys, badges, and wearables.

Hardware Procurement

JADEX provides hardware procurement services to commercial, business, and government organizations. We work closely with your organization to determine and acquire the necessary equipment as well as provide our customers with significant cost savings.


Virtualization is made possible by Microsoft Azure. From computers to servers, virtual machines help create simulated computing environments as opposed to a physical one. Virtualization allows organizations to incur less infrastructure and maintenance costs, reduce energy consumption, improve scalability, and more. There are four virtualization categories, which are desktop, network, software, and storage.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

JADEX assists organizations in designing and architecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules for Sales, Customers Service, Project Management, and Marketing. Our engineers provide detailed implementation services and are capable of customizing Dynamic's data structures, dashboards, user interface (UI), and permissions.

Dynamics 365 will soon be a huge focus and has the potential to be the most used app in Microsoft 365. With the addition of Microsoft Loop and the Dynamics 365, Teams, and Microsoft 365 interoperability announced at Microsoft Ignite 2021, JADEX and our Dynamics 365 team are ready to assist your organization.

Microsoft SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is the backbone of content management for the creation of hub sites, sites, document libraries, and webpages within the Microsoft 365 service.

Design and architecture are essential for the creation of transparent, informative, and useful, online environments/spaces.

When SharePoint environments are designed and architected with purpose, it enables effective collaboration, sharing of information, and improved communication.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is the part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) that resides in the cloud. Intune is designed to help any hybrid or on-premises organization looking for cloud transformation. JADEX can architect Intune to be complaint to many regulatory controls as well as architect it to enhance the end user experience while providing extended security, detection, and response.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams can transform how an organization functions and collaborates remotely. Once fully adopted, Microsoft Teams will become the forefront of communications and teamwork both internally and externally. Organizations will notice immediate enhancements with the ability to place phone calls, host video conferencing, and utilize a multitude of chat options all secured and governed by Microsoft.

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Our Discovery meeting allows us to explore the details of potential projects. Book a meeting today!


Azure Active Directory

Azure AD is a platform that helps organizations secure and manage identities. It allows them to protect and monitor another Zero Trust security pillar of “Identities.” As an admin center itself, Azure AD provides many capabilities from Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and Identity Protection to Conditional Access, Risky Users, and Risky Sign-Ins, Azure AD has the all the features available for managing and monitoring identities at your organization.

Microsoft Information Protection

Microsoft/Azure Information Protection is a family of complementary solutions that helps organizations discover, classify, protect, and monitor sensitive information in the cloud, on-premises, or on devices. Labeling or viewing sensitive data across platforms, files, apps, and services is now consistent with Microsoft Information Protection. Azure/Microsoft Information Protection, Microsoft Defender, Cloud App Security, and even Windows Defender will help your organization monitor, report, and use sensitivity labeling.

Multi-Factor Authentication

The most impactful and urgent implementation that an organization could do to improve security posture would be to apply Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). All studies indicate that the implementation of MFA within an organization prevents 99.9% of all attacks on user accounts. This is an essential step in the Zero Trust journey.

Key Vault

JADEX helps organizations enhance data protection and compliance with Azure Key Vault. Secure key management is essential to protect data in the cloud. Azure Key Vault safeguards encryption keys and secrets like certificates, connection strings, and passwords, while improving performance and reducing latency of cloud applications by storing cryptographic keys in the cloud instead of on-premises.

Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel is the first cloud-native SIEM/SOAR solution from a major cloud provider. Microsoft Sentinel simplifies tasks for your organization’s Security Operations Center (SOC). It will allow your team to gain visibility, control, automation, efficiency, and coordination over your digital estate, all while costing an average of 48% less than legacy on-premises SIEMs.

Virtual Machines

Explore how virtual machines can help your organization scale, transform to cloud or hybrid, lessen costs, lower energy consumption, and only pay for the technology you use or need. This allows for reallocation, refocus, new expertise and execution on your new technology approach as well as personnel.

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Our Discovery meeting allows us to explore the details of potential projects. Book a meeting today!

Frequently asked questions

With Intune, your organization can manage and configure devices, protect data, and manage apps necessary for compliance and security. Intune will provide technical and professional cybersecurity with unmatched granular management of endpoints through Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), and Desktop Management. JADEX has the expertise to demonstrate how Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) and Microsoft Intune provide a unique, secure organization-wide experience.

Most definitely hardware procurement is more difficult than it was before the pandemic due to supply chain reasons.  JADEX specializes in procuring hardware for government, commercial, and non-profit organizations.  With JADEX focusing on a cloud-first approach, we recommend leveraging Microsoft Azure as well as virtual machines to save energy and infrastructure costs while improving scalability.

Virtualization generates a simulated, or virtual computing environment as opposed to a physical environment. Virtualization often includes computer-generated versions of hardware, operating systems, storage devices, and more. This allows organizations to partition a single physical computer or server into several virtual machines. By creating multiple resources from a single computer or server, virtualization improves scalability and workloads while resulting in the use of fewer overall servers, less energy consumption, and less infrastructure costs and maintenance.

Microsoft Azure combines over 200 products and cloud services to build, run, and manage applications across your digital estate.  Microsoft Azure allows for full integration with Office 365 and Active Directory.  This allows for a valued investment through pricing advantages and more.  Studies indicate that more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure.  Operate securely and seamlessly in the cloud and be ready for the future defining your own compliance terms.

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