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Intranets and Portals

with SharePoint Online and Power Pages

Build immersive online environments to suit all business needs.

What Are the Options?


A collection of internal websites and pages designed to aid organizational employees in finding corporate resources, applications, tools, and information.


A collection of external websites and pages that enable customers to interact with backend enterprise systems and business applications.

Advantages of an Intranet

Starting Point for Daily Activities

Leverage Intune policies to ensure the corporate intranet is the first site an employee sees when opening a browser to begin daily activities.

Unified Company Messaging

The homepage of an intranet is the perfect place to post companywide messages to reach a broad audience and encourage unified messaging.

Access to Employee Resources

The ability to provide robust employee resources empowers employees in their career. Also, it reinforces transparency within an organization.

Intranet Capabilities

with SharePoint Online

Microsoft SharePoint Online enables quick, effortless creation of Communication and Teams intranet sites and pages.

Sites and Hub Sites

Build a robust intranet that allows sites to connect to each other improving search and collaboration capabilities.

Custom Webpages

Create custom, unique webpages or choose from preconfigured templates to simplify the creation process.

List Capabilities

SharePoint Lists provide a great alternative to Excel Spreadsheets. They allow for conditional formatting as well as the ability to use the data for automations.

Portals with Microsoft Power Pages

Create modern, secure business websites!

Portal Templates

Create business websites that fit desired needs by intuitively adding or removing sites.

After School Program Registration

Students are guided through a registration process as well as are able to browse and choose classes.

Schedule a Meeting with a Financial Institution

Meetings incorporate location selection and appointment scheduling.

Employee Self Service Portal

Employees are empowered with direct access to important information and a way to complete common tasks.

Field Service

Allows customers to view and track service appointments as well as technicians for service visits while simultaneously receiving email or text message status updates.

Order Returns

Enables customers to initiate returns and track orders with embeddable self-service experiences for any ecommerce.

Business customer portal interface for creating, viewing, and confirming orders, as well as managing deliveries, invoices, and cancellations.

Customer Portal

Allows customers to place orders, review order history, and manage contracts with a customer self-service portal,

Building Permit Application

Track and submit permits with an online business website.

Screenshot of ‘Contoso Community’ portal, highlighting articles and forums for building an online business community.


Providing comments, rating, or feedback will foster peer-to-peer collaboration with blogs and forums.

Customer Self-Service Portal

Give customers access to knowledge and support resources with the ability to provide feedback or view cases.

Modern Community

Gain enhanced customer feedback, capture customer ideas, and properly close the customer engagement process.

Partner Portal

Enable real-time access between an organization and its resellers, distributors, suppliers, and/or partners with business websites.


Provide the target audience with solutions to frequently asked questions.

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