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Meetings, Webinars, and Chat

with Microsoft Teams

With this one online meetings app, businesses can save money, improve communications, and remove collaboration barriers. Teams supports group or one-on-one chats, allows webinar hosting/attending, enables phone/voice call abilities with licensing/setup, and permits video conference capabilities for Microsoft 365 customers.

What's Possible with Microsoft Teams?

Live Events

Teams live events enable organizational users to broadcast live video, audio, and meeting content to large online audiences engaging with attendees throughout the digital experience.


Webinars are Teams meetings where there are usually attendees and known presenters. Teams webinars allow for webinar scheduling, registration of attendees, interactive presentations, and attendee data to follow-up and analyze.


Gather your colleagues for an organized Teams meeting that includes audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities.


Chat and share with a group of people, send gifs, send emojis, chat privately, chat and share directly with only individual(s) of your choosing, or chat notes to yourself easily with Teams.

Teams Capabilities & Services

Apps and Workflows

Save money by eliminating traditional phone costs with Microsoft Teams. Also, access enterprise features like calling attendants and call routing.

Custom Backgrounds

Enterprises may choose to incorporate their brand or culture as a visual custom Teams meeting background to increase awareness.

File Sharing

Teams file sharing is intuitive & easy. Using the paperclip icon or the Files tab of chat enables file sharing.

Privacy and Security

Teams enables confident collaboration while protecting documents and information. Teams allows secure meetings while providing the ability to govern organizational data.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing in Teams is foundational. It is easy to share what you want to show on your screen. A red border surrounds what you are sharing, you select share to share your screen, and you select stop sharing to stop showing your screen.

Together Mode

This Teams feature uses AI segmentation technology to digitally place participants in a shared video background during the meeting. This allows for the feeling of sitting in the same room with everyone else like in a meeting or class.

More About Microsoft Teams Live Events!

Assign Event Roles

Teams live events empower users to complete certain roles like organizer, producer, presenter, as well as attendee. These roles enable engaged live events to be successfully broadcasted and have interactive event attendee participation.

Organizer Experience

Teams provides the ability for the organizers to create a live event with the appropriate attendee permissions, designate event members, select a production method, and invite attendees.

Producer Experience

Microsoft 365 live events support a producer role to help control the stream and help attendees have a great viewing experience.

Attendee Experience

The attendee experience uses Teams (for events produced in Teams) and Azure Media Player (for events produced in an external app or device) and works across operating systems, browsers, and iOS/Android.

Presenter Experience

The live event presenter experience uses Teams to present audio, video, or a screen desktop/window.

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