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Data Protection

Data is everywhere, and it is often extremely valuable! Unauthorized use, access, processing, or disclosure of personal or business data can cause considerable losses for companies and individuals. Learn how defense-in-depth, zero trust, governance, security, and compliance solutions play important roles in organizational data protection.

Secure Your Most Important Asset: Your Data

Understand & Govern Data

It has never been harder to understand, manage, and govern sensitive information across an enterprise. We help our clients achieve visibility into their data landscape to begin to understand their data.

Safeguard data, wherever it lives

Your data is the kernel of uniqueness and revenue for your business. All businesses must protect sensitive data in all forms, across apps, clouds, and devices for consumers, partners, clients, employees, and all individuals.

Improve Risk & Compliance Posture

There are hundreds of compliance updates each day from thousands of regulatory agencies. This makes governance, risk, and compliance a struggle to keep up to date, especially with newly added and ever-changing compliance regulations. Learn how we identify data risks and help you manage regulatory requirements.

The Microsoft Purview Product Family

Help keep your organization’s data safe with a range of solutions for unified data governance, information protection, risk management, and compliance.


Respond to security events, support forensic investigations, conduct internal investigations, meet compliance obligations, and adhere to regulatory requirements with critical audit log events, customized retention policies.

Data Lifecycle Management

Classify and govern data in the enterprise at scale to meet legal, business, privacy, compliance, security, and regulatory content obligations.


Use end-to-end workflows for internal investigations to manage and discover data in-place.

Communication Compliance

Helps to define which users & communications are subject to review for the organization. Communication compliance policies can foster a safe and compliant workplace by detecting inappropriate or sensitive content shared across communication channels in the organization.

Data Loss Prevention

Businesses have sensitive information under their control like personal data, financial data, proprietary data, credit card numbers, health records, or social security numbers. DLP helps to protect this sensitive data and reduce risk by preventing users from inappropriately sharing it.

Information Protection

People in most businesses collaborate with others both inside and outside the organization. Since we no longer can stay behind a firewall to safeguard data, we can help secure sensitive information with technical labels and policies. These policies help to discover, identify, classify, and protect sensitive data that is business critical, then manage it properly.

Compliance Manager

Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager helps organizations measure progress in completing actions that help reduce risks around data protections and regulatory standards.

Data Map and Data Catalog

Automate and govern metadata from hybrid sources to improve the business value of organizational data. Leverage the interactive data lineage visualization to make data easily discoverable and understand the origin of the data.

Insider Risk Management

Detect, investigate, and act on critical organizational risks like data theft, data leaks, health record misuse, risky browser usage, and security policy violations.

Enable Adaptive Protection with Microsoft Purview

Optimize data protection automatically.

“We transform how people work.”

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