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Web Protection

With Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Secure devices against web threats and help regulate unwanted content on the web.

Web Protection Capabilities

These capabilities apply to customers with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and any Microsoft 365 Defender subscription.

Web Threat Protection

Stop access to phishing sites, malware attempts, exploits, untrusted sites, lower reputation sites, and blocked sites with threat protection.

Web Content Filtering

Track and regulate access to websites based on their content.

Custom Indicators

Business threat intelligence enabling the creation of indicators to allow or block IPs, URLs, or malicious domains.

Protect Web Browsers

SmartScreen and Network Protection, in unison, extends protection across browsers and processes.

End User Experience

An important part of implementing security is educating users on what new experiences they may encounter following improvements.

This site has been reported as unsafe

Microsoft Edge automatically blocks malware, phishing, web threats, or other malicious sites. Then, it displays the above notification for the user.

This website is blocked by your organization

Custom indicators will block malicious IPs, URLs, and domains. Then, they will display the above message for the user.

Secure Connection Failed

Blocked pages will not be displayed in browsers that are not Microsoft Edge. Instead, users see a pop-up notification and the above message.

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