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Application Protection

Jadex extends application protection through digital rules and policies within Microsoft 365. This ensures that our business data or our clients’ corporate data remains safe and contained in a managed application even when personal devices are being used for business.

A rule that is enforced when the user attempts to access corporate data or move that business data. It can be a set of actions that are prohibited or monitored when the user is inside the business application.

Mobile Application Management (MAM) application protection enables our clients to manage and protect organizational data within an application even when on personally owned work devices.

How You Can Protect App Data

Prevent Data Loss, intentional and Unintentional

Take control of your data with Microsoft Defender, where you can create digital policies to prevent potential data loss.

Implement App Level Policies

Control business applications with technical policies in Intune. This ensures you’re able to provide detailed app protection for all business users.

Benefits of Using App Protection Policies

Protecting Company Data at the App Level

End-user Productivity Isn't Affected

Microsoft’s application protection features enable you to control sensitive business data while separating it from personal employee data.

Polices Ensure that App-Layer Protection is In Place

MDM & MAM Ensure the Device Is Protected

How App Protection Polices Protect App Data

These images represent scenarios that illustrate how application data interacts with mobile devices, policies, and corporate/personal data.



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