Assess Your Organization

JADEX provides a comprehensive suite of assessments to enhance your business. Our technology experts offer insights into business operations, compliance, cybersecurity, and the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation.


Discovery & Recon

Is a holistic evaluation of your organization, which offers transparent security takeaways, strategic technology analyses, and cost-saving business recommendations.

Internal Communications

JADEX will focus on your organizational communication and collaboration including what happens in-person and on-site as well as in your virtual, remote hybrid workspace.


JADEX will focus on your organization’s content, information, and/or data. This ranges from who has access to content, to who properly shares organizational sensitive information.

Policy Evaluation

JADEX assists our clients with their compliance issues related to understanding policies and policy enforcement such as the CMMC 2.0 and NIST regulations found in the Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA).

Data Classification

JADEX will assist your organization with identifying & understanding sensitive data & what you must do to protect it. We deliver customized solutions identified through our expertise & tailored to fit your specific needs.

Audit/Sign-in Log

Jadex Strategic Group performs detailed cybersecurity audits of Microsoft 365 logs, identifying threats like suspicious activities and password attacks to secure your systems.

Microsoft AssessmentS

Microsoft 365 Administration

JADEX evaluates the overall effectiveness of how an organization is administering Microsoft 365 services, applications, and security/compliance features.

Microsoft Azure

JADEX evaluates an organization's current and potential usage of Microsoft Azure, which offers opportunities for virtualization and enhanced security.

Microsoft 356 Exchange

JADEX evaluates an organization's current use of Microsoft 365 Exchange features and capabilities. Our assessment identifies opportunities to utilize shared-mailboxes, email encryption, and bookings.

Microsoft 365 Configuration

JADEX evaluates the basic tenant configuration of Microsoft 365's fundamental structure to ensure the tenant is configured according to best practices.

Microsoft 365 Teams

JADEX evaluates an organization's overall usage of Microsoft Teams with an emphasis on architecture, design, automation, & security/compliance features.

Microsoft 365 SharePoint

JADEX evaluates an organization's SharePoint Admin center for site sprawl, and security/compliance configurations concerns. Our assessment identifies areas for improvement related to content storage, data labeling, and permissions management.


An assessment is essential to providing tailored experiences for your Microsoft 365 environment.