Safeguard your critical data with our robust backup & disaster recovery solutions. We ensure your business resilience with regular backups, secure storage, and rapid restoration capabilities to mitigate the impact of any data loss or disaster.

Safe Harbor is designed to protect your organizational data from any unforeseen events, such as cyberattacks, natural disasters, or human errors.

You can easily restore your data to any point in time with granular control and flexible retention policies. Safe Harbor ensures that your data is always secure, accessible, and compliant, no matter what happens.

Automatically back up your data across Microsoft 365 apps.

Service Pricing

Administrative Backup Setup

$ 2,500
  • one-time setup fee

Maintaining Backups

$ 5,000
per year

Data Restore Events

$ 2,000
per event

Things to Consider

To ensure Jadex Strategic Group’s Safe Harbor data backup and disaster recovery service is the right choice for you and your organization, we have prepared a couple questions. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then it is worthwhile to contact Jadex Strategic Group and inquire about Safe Harbor.

Chart Your Course to Data Security

Embark on a journey to safeguard your digital assets with our comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solutions. Navigate through the uncertainties of data management with confidence, knowing that your information is protected against unforeseen events.

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