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Jadex Strategic Group offers messaging, wellbeing, collaboration, and business communications services through the support of Microsoft Viva and Teams. Matey combines this into a great offering for any organization to take advantage of enhanced productivity and efficiency due to reduced barriers and actionable insights. Matey focuses on improving communication and collaboration while optimizing employee wellbeing and engagement.

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A teal icon of a chat bubble that is being used to represent real time messaging.

Real-time messaging within Teams enables instant communication among team members. Whether it’s a quick chat, sharing files, or collaborating on a project, Teams fosters efficient interactions. Unlike traditional emails, real-time messaging reduces delays and allows for swift decision-making.

A teal icon of a file folder representing file sharing.

Teams provides centralized storage for files, making collaboration seamless. Users can share documents, presentations, and resources within the platform. Collaborative editing ensures that multiple team members can work on the same file simultaneously, maintaining version control.

Admins have robust control over user management within Teams. They can set permissions, manage security settings, and enforce compliance policies. This ensures that sensitive information remains accessible only to authorized individuals.

Teams supports virtual collaboration through online meetings. With features like video conferencing, screen sharing, and interactive discussions, users can connect face-to-face regardless of their physical location. Scheduling and joining meetings is flexible and hassle-free.


Teams prioritizes data security and compliance. Meetings, chats, calls, and file sharing are encrypted, meeting industry standards. Audit trails maintain records of conversations, essential for legal and compliance requirements.


Clients can rely on Teams’ high availability. The platform ensures uninterrupted communication, minimizing service disruptions. Whether it’s a critical project update or casual chat, Teams keeps you connected.

A teal circular icon being used to indicate customizable events within Microsoft Teams.

Tailor your events within Teams to match your service’s identity. Whether it’s a webinar, training session, or company-wide announcement, Teams allows customization. Branding and personalized experiences enhance engagement.

A teal icon with what looks like a channel going through the middle of the icon with a letter "c" representing Microsoft Teams Channels.

Channels organize discussions around specific topics or projects. Users can subscribe to relevant channels, ensuring they receive updates related to their interests. It streamlines communication and keeps everyone informed.


Teams records meeting sessions, making it easy to review discussions or share them with absent team members. Usage analytics provide insights into engagement patterns, helping you optimize collaboration.


Teams integrates advanced security features. Threat protection, identity management, and secure access ensure that your data remains protected. Clients can trust Teams for confidential communication.


Host engaging webinars for clients, partners, or prospects. Teams supports large-scale events, including interactive Q&A sessions. Whether it’s product launches or thought leadership, webinars enhance client engagement.


A teal icon with a engaged employee learning knowledge and people behind them.

Teams goes beyond basic communication. Emojis, GIFs, stickers, and reactions add a touch of fun to conversations. Integration with apps like Planner or Trello enhances productivity and engagement.


At teal rounded square image with upwards wave like lines extending from the bottom left corner to the top right. Meant to indicate "continuous updates".Teams evolves continuously. Regular updates introduce new features, improvements, and optimizations. Your service benefits from staying current with the latest enhancements.

A teal center circle icon with ten spokes and tiny circles at the end of each spoke. Each circle is a hue of teal. Meant to represent Connections & insights.

Teams fosters connections among team members. Whether it’s networking or knowledge sharing, the platform encourages collaboration. Data-driven insights help you make informed decisions about service enhancements.

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Service Options

An icon representing Microsoft Teams being architected and designed in the cloud.

Microsoft Teams Architecture & Design

Optimize your Microsoft Teams setup with our expert architecture and design services, ensuring a robust and efficient digital workspace.
An icon of representing an abstract interpretation of Teams implementing projects.

Microsoft Teams Projects

Streamline your team’s projects with our specialized management tools, fostering seamless collaboration and enhanced productivity within Microsoft Teams.
An icon of a faceless business person coming out of a book knowledge representing Microsoft Viva's employee experience.

Viva Employee Experience

Elevate your team’s morale and productivity with Microsoft Viva, integrating well-being and engagement tools directly into your Microsoft Teams environment.
An icon representing performing implementation and engineering work on Microsoft technologies.

Engineering & Implementation

Trust our technical prowess to flawlessly engineer and implement Microsoft Teams features, tailoring its robust capabilities to fit your unique business needs.
A circular icon with what appears to be a button in the middle. The circle is split into quarters.

Management & Admin Options

Simplify your Teams experience with our comprehensive management and administrative options, keeping your platform running smoothly and securely.
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