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Passwordless Technologies

Enable security professionals and business leaders to mitigate one of the most vulnerable stages of the employee process, which is accessing sensitive business data.

Technologies That Make It Possible

Windows Hello for Business

Replaces passwords with strong multifactor authentication (MFA) on devices. This may be in the form of a biometric or PIN.

Microsoft Authenticator App

Provides users the ability to sign into their Microsoft account without a password, usually with biometrics or a PIN.

FIDO2 Security Keys

Utilize security keys built into devices or an external security key card that replaces usernames, passwords, and the authenticator app.

What Does Your Sign-in Security Look Like?

Evaluate how your organization currently handles sign-in security. What sign-in practices are you utilizing? Bad, Good, Better, or Best?

Common Passwordless Questions

Review common questions related to passwordless technologies.

Microsoft Passwordless is an authentication method that is a form of multifactor authentication (MFA), which eliminates the need for traditional passwords. This replaces passwords with secure and encrypted verification factors that can be accessed by the end user’s device like a device PIN, authentication app, facial recognition, fingerprint, or cryptographic key.

With passwordless authentication, the credentials never leave the device, which eliminates many risks.  These standards are based on new industry passwordless standards developed by members of the Fast ID Online (FIDO) Alliance.  FIDO2-compliant security keys are cryptographic credentials that are available in USB keys and NFC-enabled smartcards. They can be protected with another factor such as a fingerprint, facial recognition, or a device PIN.

We suggest adopting Microsoft’s Strategy with the four steps to password freedom. First, we will want to utilize a password replacement offering. With Windows 10 and 11, Microsoft unleashed Windows Hello for Business. Deploying Windows Hello is the initial step towards a passwordless environment. Another important transition into a passwordless deployment is leveraging the necessary configuration in Azure and Active Directory.

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