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The new paradigm for work that was ushered in as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A hybrid workplace model is one that welcomes remote work and enables organizations to harness talent world-wide. A secure hybrid workplace is dependent on a Zero-Trust Security Model.

"With my Entra ID joined device, I can work anywhere securely, even at the beach!"
Richard Labudie

How is Microsoft Supporting the Hybrid Work environment?

Microsoft is supporting the hybrid, modern workplace by providing the ability to implement a Zero-Trust Security Model.  This model enables secure collaboration, communications, and access to content in near real-time with just in-time and just enough access.

Microsoft provides an ever-expanding list of tools and applications that work in unison to provide an immersive experience.

What is hybrid workING?

At JADEX, hybrid working is a flexible methodology that we’ve adopted that enables all our employees to work from anywhere without the need for physical contact. The foundation that enables our hybrid workspace centers around the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Azure.

Foundations of a hybrid workplace

Modern Workplace

A modern workplace is comprised of a combination of Microsoft applications and services to include: Office Applications & Exchange email, Telephony, Device Management, Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, Power BI, Document Management, and Data Storage .

Progress Over Perfection

Progress over perfection is a philosophy that emphasizes progression towards a secure and modern workplace through action and not perfection. Every step towards the goal is a valued one.

Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)

ZTA is a security model that adapts to the modern hybrid workplace while protecting people, devices, applications, and data, anywhere around the world.

The Human Element

The Human Element is realized through the added flexibility afforded from a modern workplace. No longer a need for commute, more time with family, reduced employer operating costs, access to global talent, and reduced exposure to illness.

Digital Empathy

This means applying empathy to digital systems, applications, tools and digital mediums. Digital Empathy provides accessible and inclusive solutions to diverse audiences.

Passwordless Approach

Organizations can achieve a Passwordless environment through the use of Windows Hello for Business and access to Azure Active Directory as well as an authentication device, PIN or biometrics.


Implementing modern workplaces has never been easier with a Microsoft Zero Trust approach.

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