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With Copilot, Bing Chat Enterprise, and Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Overview and Differences

  • Microsoft's AI is a collection of artificial intelligence technologies and solutions that empower individuals, organizations, and society to achieve more.
  • Microsoft's AI is different from Copilot and Bing Chat Enterprise because it is a broad and diverse portfolio of AI products and services that work across multiple platforms and devices.
  • Copilot is an AI assistant that helps developers write better code faster and easier.
  • Copilot is different from Bing Chat Enterprise and Microsoft's AI because it is specifically designed for coding tasks and works as a plugin for Visual Studio Code.
  • Bing Chat Enterprise is a conversational AI platform that enables users to chat with Bing in natural language and get instant answers, insights, and actions.
  • Bing Chat Enterprise is different from Copilot and Microsoft's AI because it is a general-purpose chatbot that works as a standalone app or web service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions related to Artificial Intelligence.

Microsoft's AI FAQs

  • Microsoft's AI spans across various domains such as vision, speech, language, knowledge, search, decision making, gaming, robotics, healthcare, education, entertainment, and more.
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot
  • Bing Chat Enterprise
  • Azure AI
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot
  • Microsoft Viva
  • Fairness
  • Reliability
  • Privacy and Security
  • Inclusiveness
  • Transparency
  • Accountability

Copilot FAQs

  • Copilot works as a plugin for Visual Studio Code, a popular code editor
  • Uses Natural language to understand and generate code
  • Copilot is designed to be your partner, not your replacement
  • Help with common repetitive tasks, such as writing tests, fixing bugs, and refactoring code
  • No, you cannot. Use your own judgement.
  • It may sometimes generate incorrect, incomplete, or inappropriate code suggestions. It may also fail to understand your intent or context or produce code that violates your coding standards or best practices.

Bing Chat Enterprise FAQs

  • Have an eligible Microsoft 365 subscription
  • Enable the feature within the Microsoft 365 admin center
  • Get work done faster
  • Be more creative
  • Support customers better
  • Generate content
  • Analyze data
  • Summarize documents
  • Chat data is not saved
  • Microsoft has no eyes-on access to it
  • Not used to train the underlying models
  • Leverages encryption, authentication, and authorization

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