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Adapting to Hybrid Work

Recommended Solutions For Hybrid Work

The nature of how we work has drastically changed for much of the world. At Jadex, our CEO began his career working in fast-paced remote operating areas within U.S. Naval Intelligence. Those lessons are ingrained in how we do business and are fundamental to the services we provide our clients.

Learn how JADEX can help your organization blend technology, procedures, and discipline to create modern workplace productivity.

How to Adapt

Hybrid is the New Normal

Business leaders need to realize that hybrid work has become the modus operandi and is essential to meet the expectations of workers.

Ensure Devices Are Secure

Utilize security capabilities like Multi-factor Authentication, conditional access, and Insider Risk features to secure remote devices.

Remote Working Playbook

It is critical to ensure employees have clear instructions and expectations related to the performance of the duties & responsibilities.

Utilize Microsoft Teams

Teams, in conjunction with Microsoft 365, enables instant messaging, video conferencing, telephony, and collaboration.

Modern Collaboration Architecture

Empower individuals, teams, & the community by focusing on habitual use of technology to deliver tangible value.

Create Remote Communities

Azure & Teams secure/enable modern remote work & allow the creation of customized remote communities.

Create Daily Routines

Viva Insights allows leaders to monitor their users' engagement as well as permits individuals to review their own work patterns.

Empower and Educate

Hybrid work demands autonomy and training. The key is to stay fluid and trust those you've empowered to work on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do people remotely work?

People work remotely by utilizing devices with access to applications, and company resources in the cloud.

What is a hybrid working environment?

A hybrid working environment is essentially people collaborating, online and in-person, at any time and from anywhere including home, remote, or an office.

What are the benefits of hybrid work?

Hybrid work environments allow for a productive and user-friendly workplace anywhere, enabling your organization to attract the best world-wide talent to fulfill available opportunities.

What do you need most to be successful in a hybrid work environment?

To be successful in hybrid work environment, organizations need leadership to support and promote the adoption of tools designed to facilitate communication and collaboration. This practice is vital to ensuring employees have access to the necessary tools and information as well as allowing them the ability to maintain productivity anywhere. Additionally, your organization will need to ensure that all data in the cloud is properly secured, and all mandatory compliance requirements are met.

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