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Improving Processes

Illustration of a team collaborating on business processes, with icons representing idea generation, planning, workflow diagram on a tablet, and financial growth.

Recommended Solutions For Process Improvement

When you and your organization decide to leverage Microsoft 365 to optimize business processes, countless helpful features will be unlocked.  The Microsoft Power Platform will enhance workflows, simplify processes, lower costs, and maintain security while offering you continuous process improvement with endless possibilities.

Process Improvement Guidance

Empower an Improvement Team

Form a cross functional process improvement team with the power to enact real change throughout the organization.

Identify Existing Processes

All organizations have written and unwritten processes. Interview employees to identify their existing processes.

Document Workflows

Create workflow diagrams for future automation of all organizational, team, and individual processes.

Utilize Power Automate

Understand bottlenecks, reduce inefficiencies, gain meaningful insights, optimize workflows, and simplify how you work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can technology improve processes?

Microsoft has developed Microsoft Power Automate that allows for the automation of processes based on workflow models using reusable templates.

What technology can we use to improve operations?

The Microsoft Power Platform, which includes Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents can be leveraged to improve operations.

What are examples of process improvement?

In the context of Microsoft’s ability to improve processes, examples of process improvement might be creating an approval workflow or triggering an automated email to a group and a message to a Microsoft Teams channel on a sales win. There are numerous opportunities to automate daily tasks within Microsoft 365, we recommend that you start by wireframing your workflows.