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Cybersecurity Services

Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel enable best-in-suite, enterprise-grade cybersecurity operations for any business.

Cloud Readiness Assessments

Decide if you business or organization is ready for the journey to the cloud. Transform your wonderings to a proven strategic plan for cloud success.

Compliance Benchmark Assessment

Choose your regulatory requirement and current compliance processes, then we will compare it to compliance standards.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Begin to learn what is actually needed to defend against technology risks and cyber threats. Understand what is necessary to identify, mitigate, respond, and resolve risks.

Gap Analysis

Set goals in an area on where you want your business or organization to be at. Then, get an examination of where you are currently in that area. Where is the planning and differences?

Microsoft 365 & Azure Assessment

Define, plan, prepare, adopt, govern, and manage frameworks, journeys, or adoptions with proven methods as well as receive actionable recommendations for progress.

Microsoft 365 Social Engineering Penetration Testing

We are capable of conducting various social engineering simulations curated from the MITRE Attack Framework.

Monitoring, Reporting & Support

Our Cyber Watchtower cybersecurity service is built upon the extensive Microsoft security & compliance infrastructure. Providing monitoring, reporting, support & expertise.

Technology Assessment

We take look at your business as well as your devices, apps, data, and more to provide a complete, current, and actual evaluation of your technology.

Switching to Microsoft 365 for Cybersecurity will save you up to 60%

Traditional ways of cybersecurity are often defined by bolting on multiple, different vendors’ offerings to piece together protection. This leaves gaps in security as well as adds complexity to your technology and operations. Modern comprehensive cybersecurity methods seek to simplify and improve protection with a streamlined, multilayered, defense that is built-in allowing clients to do more with less.  

“We transform how people work.”

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