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At JADEX, the pillar of business is defined by our strategic approach, which creates synergy and collaboration between our organizations to achieve a digital transformation.  We offer many digital transformation solutions that can enhance licensing and/or automation ranging from corporate intranets to mobile applications. While shifting to a hybrid workspace, it is critical not to jeopardize your organization’s security and compliance.


JADEX is a Microsoft Silver partner and a Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) capable of providing all your Microsoft licensing needs.


Automate business processes to save time and money by leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform to automate actions throughout your business.

Client Resource Management

With the right combination of licensing, businesses can take advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365's Client Resource Management (CRM) capabilities.

Corporate Intranets

Leverage the power of Microsoft SharePoint Online to create an innovative collection of internal websites for collaboration.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Microsoft 365 Dynamics provides robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) features and capabilities to integrate management of main business processes in near real-time.

Low Code Mobile Application Development

Create low code mobile apps through Microsoft's Power Platform and Power Apps. JADEX offers the creation of Power Apps or training for your businesses users.

Business Intelligence

With the use of Microsoft's Power BI, create robust dashboards, reports, and insights from your business data.

Content Management

Microsoft SharePoint Online and OneDrive provide a robust cloud document and content storage solution to meet business needs.

Encrypted Email

Take advantage of Microsoft Exchange's ability to create mail-flows to encrypt sensitive information related to your business and customers.

Microsoft 365 Organizational Branding

Providing employees a custom branded Microsoft 365 environment is an easy way to add security to your organization. Employees will know they are accessing your systems.

Video Conferencing

Utilize secure and easy-to-use Microsoft Teams to host video and audio meetings and conferences. New inclusive features for the hybrid workspace are upcoming!

Microsoft 365 Solutions for Digital Transformation

Explore how JADEX assists organizations with Digital Transformation!

Frequently asked questions

Choosing the correct Microsoft software licensing can be complicated due to a lack of clarity surrounding what the full capabilities of each subscription.  Our JADEX Get Licensing Ready (GLR) team is prepared to guide you through selecting the subscription that meets your business needs.

The main reason you should choose Microsoft Teams over Zoom is due to security. Microsoft Teams is fully integrated into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and as such, benefits from the robust security and compliance features available through the service.

Security Comparison
Feature Microsoft Zoom
Multi-factor Authentication
End-to-End Encryption
Encryption at rest and in transit
Regulatory Compliance:

Yes, an organization can have business class email encryption by creating a mail-flow to encrypt messages through the Microsoft 365 service.

A corporate intranet is a collection of websites that are designed to provide employees with business resources, information, and collaboration tools.

Organization branding may not seem like a major security feature but adding a custom login image allows internal users peace of mind knowing they are accessing business data.

Low code mobile application development removes the barriers to coding enabling opportunities for rapid mobile application creation by any employee with proper licensing.

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