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Providing diverse training in technology, security, and linguistics.

Technology & Security


Offering a variety of security awareness training (SAT) courses to provide a culture of security


Offering 1:1, group, train-the-trainer and customized training solutions to help your organization adapt to technology

Arabic Services

Teaching arabic

Beginners to advanced MSA or dialects - online courses, 1:1 or small groups, following Inter Agency Language Round Table (ILR)


In-house preparation, in-country classes for Arabic Modern Standard (Libyan, Gulf, Levantine, Yemeni, and Egyptian), provide lodging, transportation, & excursions


Provide translation and interpretation for businesses, bargaining and sealing the deal, personal security for Arabic country, and provide lodging, transportation and tour guides

Arabic E-Learning Content

We build personalized E-Learning content customized to your learning styles to meet your business needs, access anywhere via a secure LMS or smart phone, and digitized exams and testing

Cultural training

Learn how to mingle with tribal leaders and tribal law to win minds

Diplomat & Foreign Area Officers

Learn how to make a speech to engage natives with various backgrounds, tailor your foreign language for various audiences, build and modify talking points and learn how to appropriately deal with indigence forces

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“Helping people secure and leverage technology.”

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