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Jadex’s leadership served the in the US Intelligence Community protecting our nations secrets. With hostile actors targeting small & medium business, it is our mission to provide cost effective Microsoft business solutions that provide security and protection to those most vulnerable.

How We Can Help

Microsoft Cloud Licensing

Learn how a Microsoft Business Premium license can help to secure your business and increase business capabilities.

Reducing Operating Costs

Identify opportunities to reduce operating costs by utilizing Microsoft services included in your subscription.

Information Technology Planning

Strategic IT planning to assist small & medium business owners from avoiding common technology pitfalls & expenses.

Cybersecurity & Compliance

Learn how we leverage Microsoft, an industry leader in security & compliance, to secure small & medium businesses.

Capabilities & Services

Microsoft lays at the foundation of Jadex's approach to securing and protecting small & medium businesses.

Unlike most of our competitors we ONLY focus on Microsoft products & services.

Teams Business Phone

Microsoft Teams saves you money by eliminating traditional phone costs while adding features like calling attendants, & call routing capabilities.

Outlook Business Email

Outlook enables businesses to leverage enterprise email features like encryption, shared mailboxes, and advanced email security.

SharePoint Document Storage

SharePoint document storage enables business owners to organize and potentially automate processes related to business documents.

Teams Video Conferencing

Microsoft Teams enables seamless video conferencing, screen sharing, and integrated collaboration options with its suite of business applications.

Multi-factor Authentication

Security is baked into Microsoft 365, with your approval Jadex can enable Multi-factor Authentication which prevents 99.9% of all cybersecurity attacks within your tenant.

Support & Technical Assistance

Jadex's Watchtower provides technical support and cybersecurity monitoring of Microsoft 365 for small & medium businesses.

Small & Medium Business Resources

Our goal is to provide knowledge, expertise, and guidance to assist small and medium businesses to be successful.

Breaking "IT" down - Technology Simplified

Quick educational videos designed to help small & medium business owners understand complex technology topics.

Microsoft 365 Apps Training

Short videos highlighting the capabilities, features, and uses of Microsoft 365 business applications

Small & Medium Business Blog

A blog geared towards business owners and entrepreneurs that want to learn and share business, technology, and life lessons.

“We transform how people work.”

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